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Lighting Jun 18, 2021

Vibia’s Sticks Illuminates SPUMA at The Venice Biennial

The 2021 edition of the Venice Design Biennial is taking place between May 20th and June 27th with specific precautions to reflect the unusual global circumstances faced by presential events. Nonetheless, Vibia is showcasing one of its latest architectural lighting solution designed by Arik Levy, Sticks.

The theme of this year’s edition is “Design as Self-Portrait”. A particularly apt title given the endless possibilities that Sticks represents for customising spaces. Here, literally no area of space is off-limits for creating with light.

“What we have done is break this idea of modularity and introduce flexibility and this, if you look at contemporary lifestyle is what we want. We want to be different, we have to be different because
we are different”, says Arik Levy.

A lighting installation featuring Sticks configured by the designer is accommodated within SPUMA – Space for the Arts, on the island of Giudecca within the Venetian lagoon.

About Sticks

Sticks consists of three metal profiles. Each rotates on its own axis, allowing light to be directed exactly where needed.

The Sticks measure 1.5 m., 2 m., or 3 m., connecting together to reach a maximum length of 6.5 metres. This is done with a single electrical connection.

Custom configurations include ceiling-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, floor-to-wall, wall-to-ceiling, or pendant. Their shape and projected light create and disrupt architectural planes.

Furthermore, Sticks is pure and graphic. It brightens corners and dead zones, integrating architecture through light.

For more visit Vibia.

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