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Feb 29, 2020

TLW: Maximum Lighting in Minimal Form

Scandinavian design is arguably one of the most popular interior design styles, and it is one that has been adopted all over the globe in homewares, furniture and of course, lighting.

Says Melissa Davidson from leading lighting supplier, The Lighting Warehouse: “The popularity of Scandinavian design has its roots in its distinct look, which has a strong focus on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Any Scandinavian-inspired décor scheme would be distinguished by minimal ornamentation, practical interiors, flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance.”

Good lighting design forms an essential element for any Scandinavian design scheme notes Melissa: “There are only seven hours of daylight during the harsh Scandinavian winters, and as such, lighting plays an integral role in Scandinavian homes and their interior decor. In fact, due to the style’s minimalist flavour, it’s the lighting that often stands out as a feature, and it can certainly make or break the overall décor scheme.”

Lighting that reflects the Scandinavian look, such as the Bergen range from The Lighting Warehouse for example, boast a lot of similar characteristics, including:

  • A neutral colour palette: Neutral and soft muted tones colours remain a constant foundation for any Scandinavian interior design, making the rooms look very bright and spacious. This clean background allows formaximum visual impact with regards to added design elements.
  • Clean design lines:Embracing symmetry and clarity, Scandinavian-inspired design moves away from anything fussy – rather erring on the side of clean lines, organic shapes and open designs, which emphasises the feeling of spaciousness and airiness.
  • Natural materials: Raw, natural materials, such as raw timber or hessian rope for example, are prolific in Scandinavian design, which are often juxtaposed by sleek, heavier materials, such as enamelled metal for example.

The Bergen range of lighting from The Lighting Warehouse comprises the Bergen 25023 pendant light (R599,00), the Bergen 25024 2-light bar pendant (R1499,00) and the Bergen 25025 wall light (R999,00).

Available from The Lighting Warehouse (www.lightingwarehouse.co.za).

NOTE: E&OE. While stocks last.

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