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Lighting Jan 14, 2024

The Lighting Warehouse: New Arrivals

Start the year off on a light and bright note with The Lighting Warehouse’s striking new arrivals.


From pendant lights and outdoor wall lights to ceiling lights and lamps, the company has introduced several brand-new – and on trend – designs to its offering.

As always, their knowledgeable team is also on hand to help clients with design advice and technical tips. Here, they share all you need to know about positioning wall lights.

Get the height right

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, wall lights can be used for various purposes. It can be used to create atmosphere in a room, provide accent lighting or highlight a feature.

Of course, to pull this off, positioning is key.

The ideal height (and position) of your wall lights will depend on the size and style of the fitting and the room’s proportions.

As a general rule of thumb, wall lights should be positioned between 152 to 170cm above floor level and 250 to 300cm apart.

The top of your wall light should be at eye level when affixed to the wall to avoid glare from exposed bulbs. 

This is especially important when putting up lights outside as the glare (and sudden transition from light to dark) can be momentarily blinding and dangerous – just think about missing a step on the patio for instance.

However, when it comes to bathrooms and bedrooms things look a bit differently…

In the bathroom…

Pretty wall sconces are a lovely bathroom addition – not only do these fittings provide a decorative element but it also has practical value. To get the most from wall lights in the bathroom, position one on either side of your vanity mirror with the centres around eye level for flattering, glare-free lighting.

In the boudoir…

Equally pretty in a bedroom, wall lights are great for mood lighting or task lighting (it makes the perfect pretty little reading light). Position them at around shoulder height so that you can easily reach the switch to flick the lights on or off when in bed.

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For more advice and the largest selection of lighting fixtures, visit your nearest store today.


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