Streamlight: Vibia Brightens Hotel Bedrooms

In the best hotels, bedrooms serve as sanctuaries where guests can rest and relax in beautifully appointed rooms. Lighting plays an integral role in establishing a stylish and soothing atmosphere—and helps to reinforce a hotel’s unique design aesthetic.


In Stockholm, Note Design Studio and 3XN Architects designed the boutique Hotel Grow.
The hotel’s minimalist, contemporary décor is complemented by Ichiro Iwasaki’s Pin lighting fixture, a striking interplay of geometric shapes that double as abstract wall décor with LED-powered tips that radiate in a gleaming nimbus of light.

Affixed to a panelled wood backdrop, its lean lines elegantly sprout like a flowering plant, reinforcing the hotel’s sustainable ethos.


Designed by Estudi Isern Associats, Barcelona’s Hotel Ohla Eixample is a strikingly modern structure that incorporates industrial materials and streamlined furnishings. Guest rooms are bedecked with engraved ceramic walls inspired by the city’s culture and feature the
Alpha reading light.

Positioned on both sides of the bed, the compact, cubic fittings by Ramos & Bassols possess an understated form that echoes the tile’s geometric look—without detracting attention from this dominant design motif.

The LED-powered Alpha rotates 360 degrees and casts a soothing glow that’s ideal for reading.


Barcelona’s Sofia Hotel is inspired by elegant postwar French design. Guest rooms feature rich American walnut floors and sumptuously upholstered headboards for a luxe, yet refined look. Suspended directly over the geometric bedside tables is a pair of Mayfair fixtures by Diego Fortunato.

A modern reimagining of the traditional, 18th-century bouillotte table lamp, the dimmable pendants make a sleek statement in gold-finished steel while casting an ambient, contained glow that defines the sleeping area.

I.cono and Warm

Located in a UNESCO-designated site originally constructed in 1545, Palazzo Grillo in Genova, Italy, offers luxurious accommodations that seamlessly mingle old and new.

In the guest rooms, the sleek I.cono task lamp by Lievore Altherr provides precision lighting atop the desk. Its poised, Scandinavian presence pairs perfectly with the room’s contemporary feel, the visor-shaped shade elegantly angled for a stylish look.

Positioned in the corner, the Warm floor lamp casts a welcoming, ambient light across the bedroom. Designed by Ramos & Bassols, its mesh drum shade offers a textural counterpoint to the svelte steel column it rests upon.

In South Africa, you can find the latest Vibia lighting from Streamlight.


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