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Nov 7, 2019

SHF: Stand Tall With A Stand-Out Standing Lamp

Stand tall with a stand-out standing lamp from SHF. Wow, there is a lot of ‘standing’ going on around here, but SHF makes it worth it with beautiful lighting solutions to create eye-catching spaces in and around your home.

A standing lamp has become a design staple in the home. Use it to add poise and elegance in a beautiful well-lit living room, or create a dreamy entertainment area with added lighting. Either way, a standing lamp can help to create a sophisticated and worthy design to suit your home.

Did you know there are many variations of standing lamps available today? The most popular include floor lamps, torchiere, club lamps and more. Your selection will be determined by the overall look you’re hoping to create and the amount of illumination you need.

We love modern floor lamps that offer designer appeal. Modern finishes and sleek interesting shapes and structures makes these worthy options for a contemporary space. We also love neutral colour palettes to suit a beautifully refined and neutral design space. A mix of metal, wood and upholstered lamp shades adds to the blend of contemporary lighting appeal that we love in a simple standing lamp.

SHF offers a range of versatile and elegant options. Take a look at some of our favourites here:

When to add a floor lamp to your layout?

  • You’re looking for added illumination without the complexity of creating permanent fixtures such as wall or ceiling mounted fittings.
  • Standing lamps are mobile and be moved around to find the perfect spot in your interior. If you’re a newbie designer and want to play around with your options, a freestanding floor lamp will give you flexibility and style in one product.
  • You want to include a design element to boost the ambience of your room. Lighting has a wonderful way of helping to set the mood.

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