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Lighting May 14, 2024

Roche Bobois Embraces African Design and Craftsmanship

Roche Bobois Embraces African Design and Craftsmanship with a Touch of Elegance: The Zungueira Lamp and A-Jar Floor Lamp

In a world where cultural diversity is celebrated more than ever, Roche Bobois stands out as a pioneer in embracing the rich tapestry of African design and craftsmanship. Renowned for its commitment to innovation and luxury, the French furniture retailer has embarked on a journey to showcase the continents vibrant heritage through its exquisite collections.

The Zungueira Lamp

One of the standout collaborations in Roche Bobois exploration of African design is its partnership with young designers from South Africa. By working closely with local talents, the brand ensures that authenticity and cultural sensitivity are at the forefront of its creations.

One shining example of this collaboration is the Zungueria lamp, designed by Manuel Valdina, a young South African designer from Cape Town, who won one of the Roche Bobois Design Award 2 years ago. Inspired by the silhouette of street vendors, known in Angola as Zungueiras, who carry their wares on their heads, the lamp embodies resilience and strength. Throughout the day, these vendors navigate life’s challenges, guided by sunlight, holding their heads high and never dropping their baskets. This is a powerful tribute to the indomitable spirit of African women.

Another notable creation is the A-Jar, designed by Gary Wium, from Green Side school in Johannesburg, who is one of the winners of the 8th Roche Bobois Design Awards. This floor lamp pays homage to childhood nostalgia and the fear of the dark, representing the warm glow of a light enveloping a doorway frame at night. The playful use of light amplification, mimicking the movement of a door ajar, is depicted in the rotating function of the lamp’s inner frame, while the outer frame remains in place.


With each collaboration, Roche Bobois reaffirms its commitment to celebrating cultural diversity and fostering meaningful connections between artisans and consumers worldwide. These two remarkable pieces will be available in our Cape Town and Johannesburg showrooms, as well as through the Roche Bobois website or by contacting the showrooms directly. Experience the elegance and craftsmanship of African design brought to life by Roche Bobois, where every piece tells a story of resilience, creativity and cultural heritage.

Contact: Roche Bobois.

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