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Lighting Jun 15, 2021

Nolden Bros: Stylish Floor Lamps To Uplift Your Interior Design

Lighting can make or break the overall design, feel and look of any room. It can enhance special features in a room and illuminate a space to give it a cosier ambience. Floor lamps are a great mobile solution. Move it around, find the perfect spot, and light up your favourite spaces.

Here we share some tips to help you choose a floor lamp for your space with some of our favourites from Nolden Bros.

Some of the things you need to consider when buying a floor lamp…

  • Floor lamps are all about providing height and light as needed.
  • A weighted floor lamp base is a good idea as this will sit on the floor and provide stability.
  • Tall poles offer light at elevation – thus you’ll achieve a brighter space with light that is upward from the ground.
  • Be sure that your floor lamp has one or more switches and is placed near an outlet for easy access.
  • A stylish or striking lampshade to add colour, texture and more to the room. A lamp shade also helps to shield your eyes from glare and to direct the light in a particular direction.
  • Elements of metal, wood, resin, stone and other natural resources offer a beautiful aesthetic quality to your choice of lamp. The team from Nolden Bros often incorporate one or more of these elements to bring a natural, organic look to the design.

Here we explore some of the latest designs and floor lamp trends by local designers at Nolden Bros.

Designs to Consider…

Arched Lamps

Arched or leaning floor lamps are beautiful, timeless and on-trend. These bring another dimension to the design of a room. Arched floor lamps also add interest and height to space and will work particularly well in a contemporary design. The modern sleek curved profile is beautiful.

Adjustable Lamps

Adjustable floor lamps are great for added versatility in your design. Many can be set to a custom height and used to accentuate specific elements in a room. These lamps can usually be angled and adjusted, twisted and aimed, so that the light shines in a particular direction. We love adjustable floor lamps that bring with it a beautiful industrial look and feel, such as the XXL Satin lamp from Nolden Bros. This lamp features a steel shade and base along with wooden arms.

Nolden Bros is a leader in manufacturing decorative lighting and decor accessories. Their talented in-house design team and innovative manufacturing technology have made them a trendsetter in the South African decor industry.

For more visit Nolden Bros.


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