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Lighting Mar 1, 2022

Nolden Bros: Our Top Lighting Choices For A Contemporary Look

Lighting is a powerful design element. It can shape and influence a room in many wonderful ways. If you’re looking for an easy revamp of an old, outdated room, new light fittings can give it a contemporary new look. Here are some of our top choices from Nolden Bros.

Industrial design

The trend to incorporate industrial elements into contemporary interiors is still one that continues to evolve. Today, everyday spaces and rooms can take on a whole new look, with urban industrial influence, when you incorporate the right materials. When it comes to industrial lighting, think of harsher materials that were not conventionally associated with high-end spaces. Rope, steel, black metallic accents and of course, exposed light bulbs are some of the key features of this design trend. The quirky Monkey Black Pendant is certainly a focal light fitting and can easily become a talking point in a room. We love the playfulness of this piece, incorporating many industrial design elements such as rope, black metal and exposed light bulb.

Black and Gold

Whether in fashion or interior design, the combination of black and gold is both regal and sophisticated. It’s a great way to elevate a design scheme and add definition to a room. Choose light fittings that feature both of these bold tones. It will subsequently draw the eye upward and enhance a delicate yet refined design scheme. The Meteor Gold Pendant by Nolden Bros is one such bold statement light fitting featuring the natural beauty of black and gold. We love the edges of this piece which furthermore, adds a modern aesthetic to a room. A gorgeous selection of a living room or above a dining table!

Timeless wood

Wood is an age-old design staple in interiors. When it comes to contemporary lighting, many modern fittings are available. We love the look of natural wood but for a more dramatic and appealing look, dark wood accents are striking. The Bung Wood Pendant from Nolden Bros is simple yet elegant. With an ode to traditional turned wood craftsmanship, this piece takes on a more contemporary look and will certainly help to bring light and dimension to a modern room.

Your room in need of a quick upgrade? One way to embrace a modern aesthetic is to change out your lighting and go for contemporary choices. Need inspiration? Shop the look at Nolden Bros.

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