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Lighting Jul 14, 2022

Nolden Bros: 5 Light Fixtures For Every Home

Lighting comes in many different shapes and sizes. From immaculate overhanging chandeliers mounted to glorious ceilings to sconces and wall lamps, floor lamps and even table lamps. Today we’re looking at 5 types of lighting that you need to consider for the home with some of our top choices from Nolden Bros.

Chandeliers and Pendants

These popular fixtures are mounted to the ceiling and cascade down, often creating an elegant and mesmerising ambience in any room. Oversized chandeliers typically grace grand rooms and hallways, with finishes that include crystal and glass as the epitome of luxury living.

Modern pendant lights, on the other hand, are often smaller and can be placed in areas such as above a dining table, grouped over a kitchen island, or even in a bedroom. Furthermore, pendant lighting includes industrial metal light fixtures, classic globe lighting, and simple lights that consist of a bulb covered in a shade made from silk, wood, plastic, rattan, or just about any other material you can imagine. These often suit many different design styles and can help to elevate your interior with beautiful illumination.

Floor lamps

As the name suggests, floor lamps are freestanding and typically mounted from a base on the floor. These mobile lighting solutions can therefore be moved around to the perfect spot. Furthermore, floor lamps can be very sculptural in appearance, often adding to the overall aesthetic of a room.

Larger variations often include arc lights, column lamps, tripod lamps, or oversized floor lamps which are ideal in big, open plan areas and living rooms.  Smaller profile floor lamps such as a metal reading floor lamp can be placed behind an armchair or at the end of a sofa. Perfect when you need additional light in a reading nook!

Wall sconces

These lighting solutions are usually mounted directly to the wall and can offer a wonderful glow and illumination around artwork or in darker rooms. Place a pair of wall sconces – one on either side of your bed, or on either side of your bathroom vanity.

Wall sconces come in many styles and may be hung singly, in pairs, or in multiples depending on the space. Furthermore, when turned off, they can function as decor in a room.

Table Lamps

Table lamps range in style from classic to industrial and from traditional to contemporary. Furthermore, there are many different finishes available to complement the look of just about any interior. Choose ones with fabric or metal lamp shades, or go shadeless and choose a statement bulb as the centrepiece of your table lamp. Either way, table lamps have become very popular and can be used in any room. Place it on a side table in your entryway or living room, or add a decorative table lamp to your dressing room for added lighting when you need it.

Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are often more functional than decorative. When you need added lighting in your workplace or home office, a simple desk lamp can do just that! Smaller variations are often more popular. This is because smaller desk lamps can comfortably fit on more compact desks.

Desk lamps typically include an adjustable head that allows you to direct light to illuminate what you are working on. Architect-style lamps are popular for their cool industrial design and ease of use. But you can also find desk lamps in styles. This can range from vintage to modern minimalist depending on your taste.

Nolden Bros boasts a talented in-house design team and innovative manufacturing technology that has made them a trendsetter in the local decor industry. Choose from their wide selection of lighting and give your next project a wow factor.

Visit Nolden Bros to check out what they have on offer.

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