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Lighting Mar 20, 2024

K. Light’s Garden Lighting Ideas

Gardens cost a pretty penny to maintain, so it’s little surprise that those with a splashy green lawn and colourful flower beds would want to show it off day and night.

To help with that, here the team from K. Light shares some garden lighting ideas.

Create striking silhouettes 

Ground-level lighting can subtly craft an illuminated backdrop for the features within your garden. These lights can cast striking silhouettes of trees, plants, statues, and other objects, accentuating their unique forms and structures.

Illuminate paths for safety

Utilise interval light sources like the 230V E27 Candle Outdoor Wall Light or the 230V 40W E27 Lighthouse Bollard to safely guide visitors along paths or tracks. Don’t forget about steps – the 230V 6W LED SMD Square Large Surface Mounted Step Light or the more discreet 230V 6W LED SMD Curved Medium Rectangular Surface Mounted Step Light are both great options for illuminating steps in the garden.

Illuminate trees to create focal points

Strategically positioned spike lights can significantly enhance garden aesthetics, especially when placed at the foot of trees. These lights not only cast a welcoming warmth at the tree’s base but also highlight the textures of surrounding foliage and accentuate intricate details of the tree’s crown. The energy-saving 230 30W LED Light Saber Bollard is a top choice for maximum light and durability.

Create an ambience with a gentle flickering flame

Few things evoke as much warmth and intimacy in a garden as the gentle flicker of a flame, or better yet, an array of thoughtfully positioned flames. Achieving this ambience is simple with candles, lanterns, or even a firepit. However, we particularly adore the captivating dance of shadows cast by Moroccan-style lanterns scattered throughout.

Use fairy lights to create a cosy outdoor space

When it comes to string lights, their versatile deployment in your garden is both simple and ingenious: along fences and decking rails. However, their true charm shines when entwined through the branches of a tree, imparting character and a delightful sense of cosiness. 


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