Illumina Lights The Way in The Dining Room

No matter the style of your dining room, whether traditional, classic, modern, boho or industrial, you can find a lighting solution to suit your design aesthetic. Illumina shows us how it is done with beautiful lighting concepts for exquisite dining spaces!

Eclectic Modernity:

If your style is edgy, urban, colourful or even a little playful, go for a modern light that will enhance your space and become a focal point above the dining room table. Take for instance this gorgeous spherical light form (featured below) with half metal construction for added definition. Instead of a single pendant, why not double it up for even more drama in the dining room!

Top tip: Pick out dining room lighting according to the dimensions and style of your dining table, and not necessarily the dimensions of your room. This way you can create a more succinct look and feel – one that is more intimate and put together.

Industrial Chic:

Proclaim your raw industrial design with the luxe concrete appeal of the Chiacao Slim LED Loft pendant (featured below) from Illumina. Create a gorgeous feature with a group of pendants and increase the glam factor in your interior!

Top tip: Install a dimmer in the dining room and create a more intimate and romantic ambience in this space. Be sure to check specifications on your chosen fixures and if these are compatible with light dimmers.

Raw, edgy and urban:

Reveal a divine, ambient feel in your space with the luminance of the Romi Smokey Grey Glass pendant from Illumina (featured below). It is manufactured from glass and metal for everlasting good looks. The Industrial design with copper tones gives it a chic feel and warm ambience. Ideal for illuminating kitchens, dining rooms and even lobbies.

Top Tip: Measure up and ensure that your pendants are hung high enough (at least 60cm above the table) to avoid any accidents. The last thing you want is someone bumping your precious pendant or chandelier everytime they stand up to pass the potatoes.

For these and other gorgeous lighting solutions visit Illumina.


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