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May 17, 2019

Hot New Lighting Trends From The Lighting Warehouse

We speak to Melissa Davidson from leading lighting supplier, The Lighting Warehouse, about her top five lighting trends for 2019.

Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, or bohemian-inspired, lighting plays an important part when it comes to defining the functionality, as well as the overall look and feel of any interior space. Whether you are looking to brighten up a hallway, make a statement in the lounge, or add more task lighting to increase the functionality of your kitchen or study – take a look at these popular lighting trends, as defined by Melissa Davidson from leading lighting supplier, The Lighting Warehouse, for some lighting inspiration:

1.)  Soft metallics: Of late, Melissa says there has been a spike in popularity of softer metallic hues: “Metallics remain a popular choice with regards to lighting, and interior design as a whole. They complement popular monochromatic white, black or grey colour palettes very well – adding some shimmer and glamour to the overall composition, without being too overpowering. Whether brushed or polished, chrome and rose gold remain popular choices, and there has been a dramatic rise in the popularity of soft gold as well.”

The Bas Silver and the Bas Rose Gold pendant light fittings retail for R1299,00 each from The Lighting Warehouse.

2.)  Retro industrial styles: In the past, industrial-inspired styles have always been about rough finishes, neutral colours and an emphasis on metallic materials. The retro look is making a big comeback, but Melissa says that there are some major changes to the new strain of industrial inspiration that we are seeing today: “There are some stark differences with regards to the industrial-inspired lighting of today. Commonly known as ‘upgraded industrial’ or ‘modern retro’ – today’s industrial-styled lighting still boasts an abundance of metals, but with a much sleeker finish, as well as varied tones and alternative designs. They are more of an art form, instead of focusing purely on functionality as before.”

The Acro range of industrial-inspired light fittings from The Lighting Warehouse  is available in (from left to right) 8-light (R1 999,00), 6-light (R1 999,00) or 4-light (R999,00) models.

The unique Arachne light fitting from The Lighting Warehouse retails for R2 499,00.

3.)  Art Deco inspirations: The glamour of the Art Deco phase is back in full force, says Melissa: “Think sleek lines, geometric shapes and oodles of glamour, where every piece is a feature in its own right – this is the world of Art Deco. This style embodies luxury, extravagance, and features stylized forms and shapes, and an abundance of rich gold tones, silvers, chromes and other reflective surfaces. Art Deco lighting complements a wide range of interior styles, including contemporary, traditional, eclectic and bohemian.”

The glamorous Brynklie Chrome light fitting boasts built-in LED lights and interesting geometric forms for a high-impact aesthetic. It retails for R11 999,00 from The Lighting Warehouse.

Available in either a Chrome or Copper finish, the Astrid is another gorgeous Art Deco-inspired pendant with sleek geometric lines and a glamorous finish. It retails for R3 999,00 from The Lighting Warehouse.

4.)  The new Mid-Century Modern: The enduring style of the Mid-century Modern influence is based on many factors, including its focus on functionality, as well as its focus on uncluttered and sleek designs with both organic and geometric forms, minimal ornamentation, and the exploration of interesting materials. Melissa notes that this style is making a huge impact on lighting design today: “Mid-Century Modern is the go-to for many designers – it offers modern lines, with a vintage edge that adds an appealingly subtle retro edge to any interior space.”

The Anderson range of floor lamps (R1 399,00) and pendant light fittings (R799,00) are available in a Silver or Gold finish. Their clean lines, and the juxtaposition of metal on wood materials, along with the geometric cutouts, boldly characterise the Mid-Century Modern design influence. They are available from The Lighting Warehouse.

5.)  Simple light drops: Melissa says that simple early industrial-inspired drop lights are bang on trend this year: “These light fittings are affordable and can be used with great effect to add an industrial-style finish to any room. They are available in a variety of metallic finishes, and comprise an exposed coupler fitting surrounded by the socket of a single exposed light. They can be used in single or group installations for a bigger impact. You can hang them in a row in a galley kitchen or over a bar-type counter, or group them in multiples, at the same level or at varied heights, to illuminate a corner for example.”

Shop the latest trends at The Lighting Warehouse.

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