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Lighting Mar 12, 2024

Hoi P’loy: sophisticated, functional lighting designs

Founded in 2013 by Ploy Phiromnam and Guy van der Walt, Hoi P’loy emerged with a mission to redefine the landscape of custom-designed lamps and lighting components within South Africa. Over the years, the dynamic duo has cultivated the brand into the preferred choice for aficionados of sophisticated, functional lighting designs.


“Navigating the journey towards our lofty standards has proven to be quite the challenge,” says the owners.

“However, our secret ingredient lies in our dedicated and closely-knit team. Fostering an environment where every individual cherishes the broader vision and feels their contributions are valued is integral to our ethos.”

“The lament of “they just don’t make ’em like they used to” echoes in our minds, fueling our daily pursuit to enhance the quality of our creations,” they continue. “We are propelled by a profound aspiration to disrupt the prevailing status quo, amalgamating traditional methodologies with top-tier materials like brass, alongside embracing cutting-edge technologies. Our commitment extends beyond mere production, encompassing enriching experiences for both our team and our supporters.”

While some of their products are crafted in collaboration with international partners, the majority of Hoi P’loy’s custom-designed lights, fittings and components are meticulously manufactured in Cape Town. The team’s obsession with detail is evident even in the minutest custom-made components, from acid-etched nameplates to precision-engineered thumbscrews.

“Over time, we’ve curated a diverse range of bespoke modular components exclusive to Hoi P’loy, facilitating easy interchangeability and customisation,” explains Hoi P’loy. This also allows them to offer clients unique customisation opportunities.

Apart from its standard ranges and custom designs, the company also offers product and interior design guidance to architects, interior designers, and product designers, as well as restoration services.

“Whether conceptualizing new designs or seeking guidance on existing ones, we’re here to assist in crafting well-considered, best-practice-driven lighting solutions,” the team notes.

“Furthermore, we take delight in breathing fresh life into existing light fixtures, whether by upgrading or customizing fittings, lamp shades, cords, switches, or ceiling cups. Vintage light fittings relegated to attics find renewed purpose under our care – bring them to us for a rejuvenating transformation.”


Contact: Hoi P’loy

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