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Lighting Mar 19, 2021

Global Lighting Heroes: A Spanish Footprint At Streamlight

We’re celebrating international lighting design with the latest brands and products from Spain, now available from Streamlight. Let’s have a closer look at four renowned Spanish lighting brands, making a mark in the world of illumination. 

Leds-c4 tub.


For mankind, lighting has always been an essential part of life. It provides wellbeing and comfort, makes the inhospitable habitable, adds functionality to spaces and reveals the beauty of each landscape and architectural attribute. LEDS C4 has forty years of lighting experience, improving people’s lives through lighting products that are useful for society.

Leds-c4 tub.


Vibia is a global architectural lighting company based in Barcelona. Light is at the foundation of space design. Alongside architects, interior designers, lighting designers, engineers and dealers, Vibia aims to improve the world through a single aspiration: creating better spaces to live.

Estiluz Revolta_


Estiluz, founded in 1969, offers a firm commitment to high-end decorative lighting, with innovative designs and handmade finishes. This Spanish company is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of decorative lighting products with 50 years of experience in the sector. Estiluz specialises in lamps with timeless design that offer high-quality materials and finishes.

Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Alvarez’s ethos of wellbeing and positive emotion is reflected in the designs he creates and the techniques he uses; all his lamps are inspired by the natural environment – as well as the arts and crafts traditions – of the brand’s base in northwestern Spain. Although the company’s been designing and producing award-winning, contemporary hand-made lighting for over 20 years, Arturo Alvarez also has one foot firmly rooted in the future. Having already developed an innovative mesh-like material, he’s always seeking to introduce new technologies which help increase sustainable production and energy efficiency.

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