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Lighting Nov 18, 2022

Garden Lighting Ideas From The Lighting Warehouse

Bring illumination to your outdoor entertainment areas this summer. Let’s show you how it’s done with these clever outdoor lighting ideas from The Lighting Warehouse, to spark your imagination.


Your garden or patio is an extension of your home, and if you want to make better use of it during the warmer months ahead, then it’s time to up your lighting game. The right amount of illumination outdoors will help you utilise your space more effectively! Clever use of garden lighting ideas will also help you create a space that’s useful year-round, regardless of sunlight.

There are so many varieties on the market when it comes to garden lighting solutions. Some can be added ad hoc and some may require some planning. However, if you’re currently landscaping, then be sure to work this into your overall plan to make the most of your space. Smart outdoor lighting will spotlight walls, pathways and even accentuate beautiful architecture or plants.

Off the grid options

For an easier addition, solar and battery-operated lights are a simple solution, especially when we are faced with load shedding! Modern solar powered outdoor lighting ensures well-lit spaces despite power outages.

When it comes to your garden, you also want to aim for layered lighting. This means placing lighting at different levels and heights to help ensure a well-lit area. This can also enhance the mood and ambience of your favourite outdoor space. Top tip: invest in multiple lighting solutions to offer layered lighting in your garden.

By planning your garden lights and ensuring you have multiple sources, you can avoid dark and underutilized areas. Instead, illuminated areas are perfect for different activities, whether it be socialising with friends, a family braai or just a meal or catch up in the garden.

Outdoor lighting can change the look and feel of a space.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Highlighting special garden features like a water feature, plant life or outdoor artwork.
  • Light the way along a garden path for easy access.
  • Spotlight plants and trees.
  • Create ambience around alfresco dining.
  • Wall lighting can help to lift your eyes upward to enjoy a fuller, well-lit space.
  • Create nooks for outdoor lounging, dining, reading and more.
  • Solar and battery operated garden lights mean you won’t be stuck in the dark!

Summer holidays are almost here so there is no time like the present to get your outdoor spaces sorted out and invest in adequate garden lighting to suit your needs. Shop the range from The Lighting Warehouse and bring much-need illumination to your outdoor areas today.

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