Eurolux: Make light Outdoors with Lutec

Outdoor luminaires need to tick a lot of boxes as they likely serve the double duty of security and ambient lighting. Thus, your outdoor fittings need to be practical, durable and – preferably – as cost-effective as possible. Luckily there’s the new Lutec Solar LED range, now available from Eurolux, to brighten things up outside.

Exclusively available from Eurolux, the Lutec range offers high-efficiency solar panels in combination with powerful LED modules that ensure sufficient lighting for various outdoor applications.

Incremental improvements in solar lighting has seen the technology really take off in recent years, and with the product becoming ever-more sophisticated there is no need to worry about the light fading when it is needed most.

Solar Table Cube This portable outdoor table lamp is a must-have for any household. The shape and size means it ideal for countless outdoor activities, be it as a camping companion or for extra light around the braai at home. The Cube’s 3-step dimmer allows the fitting to be adjusted for just the right ambience. Available in blue, red, green or a vivid grey, the colours add a touch of playfulness to the piece, which the kids will also appreciate!

Solar Dragonfly Lantern Like the light of a little dragonfly at night, the Solar Dragonfly Lantern is a portable solar lamp that adds an inviting light to any dark space. In its open position the Dragonfly Lantern accumulates solar energy during the day, but it can also be charged via USB cable on an electrical network. Available in four bright colours (blue, red, green, grey). The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 40 hours, and also comes standard with an on/off switch.  
Padlight Practical, portable and suited to a variety of positions, the Padlight is a compact solar luminaire that is ideal for almost any kind of outdoor use. It can be made to stand on a surface, or it can be hooked or suspended. The 3-step dimmer allows for the most optimal light at all times.
Mini LED Spot This mini is on the move! The Mini LED Spot is a versatile wall light with an integrated solar panel in a single or double head spotlight version. What makes this pieces particularly useful is that both the panel and the spot heads are adjustable over a wide degree angle – it has a 300-degree swivel!
Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light Discrete but dutiful, the Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light is a compact and easy-to-install wall lamp. The fitting is equipped with built-in motion sensors to detect activity at night. The piece comes in a stylish silver, which adds to its pared-down aesthetic appeal. The rechargeable battery has a 4-hour lifetime.
For these and other great finds, visit Eurolux.


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