3 Tips For Improved Kitchen Lighting with Fundi Light and Living

Light, glorious light. A well-lit kitchen is not only a beautifully stylish space but also a very operational room – one in which we can experiment with delicacies and prepare wholesome meals for our families. 

If your kitchen is closed off, dark or outdated, then perhaps it is time to reconsider your lighting options. Here we share some great tips for better kitchen illumination, thanks to our friends from Fundi Light and Living  

  1. Adaptable lighting

With so many tasks happening simultaneously in the kitchen, lighting needs to adapt easily and functionally to meet our needs. The key here is to provide both low-shadow and task lighting in specific areas around the kitchen – some that are brighter and some that are not. Consider all the areas that you need well lit and ensure that your electrician is in the know regarding which areas need the right illumination from the get-go.

2. Layered lighting

Choose a mix of lighting to ensure that your kitchen is adequately illuminated for all the tasks that should happen here. Overhead pendants above a kitchen island are ideal but under-counter LED lighting may bring added illumination to brighten your work surfaces. You’ll need lighting above your stove, and near your prep station to make working in these areas easier, safer and more convenient.

3. Ambient Lighting

Creating ambience with the right lighting to fill in any darker gaps in the kitchen. A great tip would be to add light dimmers in the kitchen. In this case, you can brighten up your space when cooking and also dim the lights to create a more ambient tone as needed. Versatility is important here so that your kitchen becomes a living, breathing heart of your home!

Fundi Light and Living  presents an array of functional and stylish lighting options that are ideal for the kitchen. Check out the above options that will ensure a well-lit functional kitchen space. We particularly love some of the luxurious finishes on offer with beautiful pendants that will bring a glamorous touch to any kitchen!

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