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Dec 13, 2019

Creative Cables: 10 Perfect Lighting Gifts For The Season

It is the season of giving. However, any occasion is good to celebrate and donate an object rich in meaning! Please let us help you to choose a Creative-Cables lighting gift from our favourite items, ready-to-use and ready-to-wrap.

1-Magnetico® plug

A magnetic lamp holder that can adhere to any metal surface, no matter if vertical or horizontal! You can move and adjust it according to your needs, turning it into a table or wall lamp in just a few seconds.

Available in 9 colours.

Ideal for: the digital nomad that wants to be connected anywhere and needs a work light

Complement it with: Magnetico® Base, the metal base that can replace a ferrous surface

2. Pendant lamp with 3XL nautical rope

A suspended lamp with a “prominent” cable inspired by nautical ropes. A minimalist but far from a cold solution: ropes and wood can also be implemented in a shabby or country style home!

Available in 14 combinations.

Ideal for: your sailor friend who suffers the nostalgia of the sea.

Complement it with: LED Smoky Light Bulb Globe G95

3. Spider

Why have one chandelier when you can have many? Spider is a cascade of coloured cables and light bulbs, ready to uniformly and strategically illuminate any environment.

Available with 5, 6 or 7 pendants.

Ideal for: the minimalist who wants to keep it simple

Complement it with: 5 LED Transparent Light Bulb Globe G125

posaluce the coppered-metal-table-lamp-with-textile-cable-in-lince-switch-and-2-poles-plug

4. Snake

A multi-purpose lamp that can simply be plugged into a socket: you can wrap it around the upright of a bookcase, on the handrail of a ladder, a kitchen rack, or you can hang it using a hook or a decentralizer.

Available in 120 colours.

Ideal for: those who don’t like one-purpose products

Complement it with: Pinocchio, our adjustable wooden wall mount

5. Pendant lamp with Diamond cage

A real chandelier, just a little more naked than usual. A lampshade that contains all the elegance of the metal wire, the luxuriousness of copper and the notions of solid geometry that we did not learn in high school.

Diamond Naked cage available in 6 colours

Ideal for: that friend who loves baroque AND minimalism too

Complement it with: Copper half sphere Globe G125 LED light bulb


6. Posaluce

Posaluce is the metal table lamp that gives the actual spotlight to the bulb. It has an extremely essential design and is perfect as a reading lamp but also as a light point to enhance a table or an entrance.

Available in 6 metallic finishes.

Ideal for: the friend who still uses an Ikea table lamp which was discontinued in 1998

Complement it with: Silver half sphere Globe G95 LED light bulb

7. Love Light Bulb

Light bulbs speak, did you know? You just need an filament bent artisticall. We started with Love, the most enlightening feeling of all. Moreover, what is a gift, if not an act of love for your significant ones?

Ideal for: the cynic who hides a romantic soul

Complement it with: Copper Single Pendant with Golden Honey Cotton textile cable


8. Tattoo Lamp® Basket Bulb
Take a round light bulb, restyle it, treat it to some special beauty treatment et voilà it will turn into a basketball with transparent sewing patterns.

Ideal for: those who still have a Magic Johnson poster in their bedroom

Complement it with: a wooden Posaluce Natural

9. UFO Suspended lamp

Each side of this wooden disc reproduces a work of art by Giulia Zoavo, one of the most promising names in Italian illustration. Her world is populated by superheroes, astronauts, walk-in mothers and barbecue-men.

UFO are available in 14 different double-faced versions.

Ideal for: the kid who reads tons of graphic novels

Complement it with: a coordinated UFO Fermaluce

10. Beer Light Bulb

Made by reusing a real 330 ml amber beer bottle, it is perfect for creating installations on the counter of a kitchen. A refreshing example of upcycle-design, in a prestigious gift box ready-to-wrap.

Available in 4 shapes and colours.

Ideal for: your best friend and drinking buddy

Complement it with: Single pendant with Deer Cotton textile cable RC23

table snake with brass metal diamond e27 cage lampshade with 2 pole plug

For more visit Creative Cables.

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