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Worktops Jul 23, 2020

New Introductions 2020: Neolith Six-S

Neolith®, the pioneers of Sintered Stone, launches its ‘Six-S’ collection, a new, visually powerful range demonstrating the material’s massive architectural potential and showcasing the brand’s unrivalled design techniques.

All Six-S surfaces have been developed to promote how material choices can positively impact public health, welfare and wellbeing as well as the environment and global ecosystem. Influenced by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the new models evoke six essential Neolith characteristics: Solidary, Sanitary, Strong, Stylish, Sensory and Sustainability.

Each of these core values are innate to Neolith, and evoked within the Six-S collection, which aims to take the user beyond the superficial aesthetics and into the very heart of the brand:

Solidarity: Representing Neolith’s deep rooted family values, social sentiment and its commitment to creating a stronger and more sustainable society.

Sanitary: Promoting Neolith’s ultra-hygienic properties. Easy to clean and low maintenance surfaces which can be disinfected using the harshest chemicals without blemish or damage.

Strong: Refers to Neolith’s innate high-strength and ultra-resistant properties. The material will hold long-term value for both the user and the environment.

Stylish: Dedicated to delivering hyper-realistic designs, Six-S has been carefully influenced by ever-evolving global design trends. These new models effortlessly fuse elegant style with robust substance.

Sensory: Unveils a multi-sensory experience, thanks to the development of a unique range of special textures and finishes to create tactile appeal. Each of the new models delivers a high degree of realism, evoking the wonders of the natural world.

Sustainable: As a company acutely aware of the growing importance of eco-friendly design and green construction. Neolith offers 100% natural, carbon neutral surfaces for both interior and exterior applications.

Never compromising on looks, the latest designs draw diverse inspiration from across the world, including the mighty Himalayas and the searing Arabian Desert, to deliver high definition colours. Specially developed tactile finishes for each surface help create a high degree of realism to the materials they emulate.

Fundamentally, this innovative collection expands horizons, elegantly showcasing how it’s possible to fuse style and substance.

Six-S will be available in six new models, adding to the existing Neolith range. Two of the latest colours have been released this week, with the remaining four colours due to launch throughout July.



The soaring majesty and lofty peaks of the Himalayas provided the inspiration for this clear and lucid pattern. Himalaya Crystal pays homage to the region’s famous salt crystals which have been mined in the region since the days of Alexander the Great.

This tribute to the powerful and majestic mountain range has encapsulated the key characteristics of the natural Himalayan salt crystals perfectly. Bold veining sublimely contrasts with subtle spontaneity and a slight translucency adds to the authenticity. This delivers a clean, crystalline appearance, which appears to elegantly illuminate any space in which it’s applied.

Himalaya Crystal is offered in two equally stunning finishes: Décor Polished finish gains in depth and elegance and reflects the colours in Neolith’s existing Classtone Collection, while the second finish, Ultrasoft, allows for texture with a greater degree of softness and depth. Himalaya is available in 6mm, 12mm and 20mm thicknesses and in 3,200mm x 1,600mm and 3,200 x 1,500mm formats.


Much like the stories of Scheherazade, Layla evokes the magic and mysticism of ‘One Thousand and One Nights’. Tales of caves overflowing with glittering gold, bottled genies and romances played out in tranquil, tiled courtyards and incense-filled rooms inspired this pattern.

Layla has an exquisite, yet sober aesthetic and has evolved from previous models including Calatorao, Krater and Nero Marquina.

Layla is offered in two distinctive finishes: Décor Polished, which enhances the depth and elegance of the design, and Slate finish, which goes further to evoke the texture and relief of the natural material. This model is available in 6mm, 12mm and 20mm thicknesses and in 3,200mm x 1,600mm and 3,200 x 1,500mm formats.

Neolith CMO, Mar Esteve Cortes says, “As a brand, we are fully committed to the preservation of public health and wellbeing through the materials we manufacture. Neolith aims to help create a stronger and more sustainable society, particularly following the impact of COVID-19. This is what led to the development of Neolith Six-S. We felt it was essential to launch a new collection that delivers an uplifting, unifying message, to promote the prospect of brighter days to come, while also making a positive contribution to the new reality in which we are living.

“The quality and finesse of the Six-S range highlights our unrivalled decoration techniques, including refinement in colour, detailing and finish, all achieved via the significant investment, research and development technology behind it. Our efforts have certainly paid off, and I believe these six, distinct and original surfaces truly capture our drive towards producing sophisticated, sustainable and ultra-hygienic surfaces without compromising on beauty and performance.”

All Neolith surfaces are 100% natural and carbon neutral, appropriate for specification in any professional or residential surfacing application. It is also one of the safest and most hygienic materials available, without compromising on performance and visual appeal.

Neolith. The safe, sustainable surfacing solution.

To find out more about the Six-S range visit Neolith.


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