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Opposite and complementary elements create a kitchen with natural contrasts


Beauty in nature is achieved in a perfect combination of refined and raw material. Reflecting this balance, the union between two surfaces of different appearance and tactility animate the elegance of a kitchen made of contrasts.

The roughness of grey concrete background in the Arpa® 3467 AURINA décor – inspired by the rocky mountain characteristic of North East Italy – is flanked by the showiness of the Arpa® 3433 MARQUINIA surfaces which enhance the timeless charm of black marble
Arpa’s two décors find harmony in space in a dialogue between both aesthetic and material alternations. The tactile path goes from the Mika finish, with scattered micro stones which make the surface hard and bright, to the soft compactness of the Luna finish. The latter further extends the lively interaction between opposites by giving the marble an unexpected opaque appearance.
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