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Kitchens Feb 19, 2022

Mambo’s: Sleek & Simple Storage For Your Kitchen

It is true that the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. However, it often comes with a host of gadgets, knick-knacks, appliances, books, equipment and the list goes on. Creating a stylish and elegant space for meal prep means that you have to invest in adequate storage in this space. Take heart. Mambo’s provides sleek and simple storage that we love!

Organisation starts in the pantry

It’s where the basics of every good meal are stored. And yet, it can also become one of the untidiest spots in the home. The kitchen pantry needs regular attention, but with a few simple solutions, you can make the most of every shelf and ensure that your inventory is ready when you need it most.

  • Plastic trays and baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes for easy storage in the pantry.
  • Create special trays for grouped items and label each tray for easy access.
  • Storage bins can be used for bigger items like kitchen utensils, cleaning goods and more.
  • Keep a running checklist of what you have in pantry and be sure to use older items first as to avoid anything from reaching an expiry date before consumption.

Keep those counters clear

A sleek kitchen design waves goodbye to unwanted clutter. You don’t have to store every new appliance and gadget on your precious counters. In fact, for items that are not used frequently, rather place these in drawers and cupboards. Invest in a matching set of containers and jars for everyday staples like cereals, rice and flour. A few simple yet sleek countertop solutions will help to create a more elegant ambience in your kitchen. Label everything and you’ll thank us when you’re looking for that one ingredient that you know you have, but just can’t recall!

Organise your fridge

Don’t let your fridge become an overflow of everything and anything that needs to stay at a cooler temperature. Invest in fridge storage where you can make the most of your space and create some order that the whole family can enjoy. Clear trays often work best for cans, condiments and bottled goods. Sub-divide your fridge drawers too so you can easily spot perishable goods and ensure that they stay fresher for longer.

Invest in trays

Whether you’re grouping items in a pantry, on a shelf, or on a table. Trays are versatile little beauties that can help you keep things in one spot and looking good too.

Some ideas with trays include:

  • Use it to display some of your favourite things – candles, vases, decor and more.
  • Create a coffee station and use a tray to house your essentials – a sugar pot, tea bags, mugs etc.
  • A simple tray works great for spices/oils, a drink station, kitchen utensils, or baking canisters.
  • Create a pop up bar with a handy tray and some glasses – for instant satisfaction.

Don’t let the laundry get you down

Many of us have a shared kitchen and laundry space, and yet there is nothing less appealing than dirty laundry cluttering up this part of the home. Our top tip: Invest in pretty laundry baskets that add colour and style to your interior. Colour-code it to match your home’s design and get organised. No more dirty laundry on display for all to see!

Storage is fast becoming one of the best ways to keep your kitchen in order. If you’re looking for a way to revamp and declutter your space, visit Mambo’s for a wide selection of innovative storage solutions to spruce up your home.

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