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Kitchens Mar 25, 2024

Fabri – quality and innovation

A symbol of quality and innovation since its inception in 1983, Fabri has been dedicated to creating kitchens of excellence for over forty years.

This is done through “a joint effort of a multidisciplinary team that creates and develops personalised residential design solutions for each client, packed with functionality and innovation,” explains Fabri.

Designs that are then hand-crafted in fine detail to the highest European standards of safety and environmental protection in Fabri’s 2700-square-metre Portuguese production unit.

Combining the efficiency of a state-of-the-art assembly line with the quality and customisation of manual labour, Fabri is able to produce custom designs of the highest standards for each customer.

This includes not only tailor-made kitchens in the contemporary or traditional style but also a host of complimentary accessories such as recycling bins, cutlery dividers, pantries, pantry doors, door accessories, stands and more.

“The essential is made out of details. That’s why we have selected those that will give the finishing touch to your project,” explains Fabri of its expanded offering, which allows clients the opportunity to truly add a personal touch to each and every aspect of the design.

Whether clean and compact with the least amount of visual interference or designed with warmth, comfort and harmony in mind, each Fabri kitchen is a true reflection of its owner’s dreams and desires, making it the true heart of every home.

Fabri has one production unit and three showrooms in Portugal and one in Johannesburg, South Africa. Fabri also custom designs bedrooms.

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