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Kitchens Jul 31, 2023

FABRI: Exquisite kitchens and closets.

Kitchens and closets, tailor-made.

Based in Portugal, FABRI is known the world over for its exquisite kitchens and closets.

Highly sought-after, the company’s custom-designed and tailor-made kitchens and closets have been a symbol of quality, design and innovation since 1983, FABRI explains.

“Design, quality, elegance and exclusivity are, since the beginning, values associated with the FABRI brand. Built from the desire of the founders to provide to the Portuguese market, kitchens of excellence, the FABRI name is nowadays associated with the best in the design and production of kitchens in the oldest European country.”

Today, the company designs and manufactures not only kitchens and closets but also bathrooms and custom furniture for its discerning client base across the globe.

Packed with functionality and innovation, each FABRI product that is shipped from the factory symbolises the values of the company: quality, customisation and the best of classic and contemporary design principles that combine the efficiency of a state-of-the-art assembly line with the quality and customisation of manual labour.

From contemporary to classic kitchens, walk-in closets or closed closets with conventional or sliding doors, custom bars, accessories and even recycling bins and drawer dividers, FABRI has an innovative solution for each and every decor need a client may have.

FABRI has also taken great care over the years to build a more sustainable business, choosing to work only with companies that guarantee the lowest environmental impact possible, reducing waste and creating recycling stations at its factory and showrooms.

In addition, the company only use raw material from sustainable sources, opting for waterproof, impact-resistant materials.

“This particularity allows us to reduce the amount of packaging, which results in less waste, fewer trips to collect that waste and therefore less environmental impact, adding to the always FABRI quality standards the bet on a more sustainable future,” FABRI says.

To experience FABRI’s tailor-made approach, visit its storeroom in Fourways, Johannesburg.


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