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Kitchens Aug 30, 2023

Cosentino: The kitchen of a Popular Couple with Dekton showing its Best Side

In a stylish Frogner apartment situated in Oslo, Jan Thomas, Harlem Alexander, and their faithful canine companion, Tyr, have established their comfortable abode. Their flourishing in this space can be largely attributed to the remarkable interior design work undertaken by Guri Mulvik. Notably, the kitchen, showcasing Cosentino, stands as an exquisite testament to their collaboration.

Jan Thomas, renowned as the proprietor and creator of Jan Thomas Studio, boasts his own line of hair and beauty products, and has authored multiple books. Additionally, he co-hosts a popular podcast alongside Einar Tørnquist and remains a familiar face on various television programs. It was through the realm of television that he crossed paths with his partner, Harlem Alexander, an accomplished hairstylist and co-owner of Jan Thomas Studio Frogner.

Jan Thomas and Harlem, with their beloved Tyr, now revel in the carefully curated spaces of their Frogner apartment, and their heartfelt contentment can be largely attributed to the meticulous craftsmanship of interior designer Guri Mulvik. Every facet of the residence has been thoughtfully considered to cater to the specific needs and refined tastes of Jan and Harlem.

The kitchen, a true masterpiece, was crafted by Tigne and designed and fabricated by the skilled artisans at Knapphus Kitchen Centre. A harmonious blend of robust oak and Dekton surfaces envelops the space, exuding an inviting ambience. The oak surfaces are adorned with Rubio monocoat in the elegant shade of cornsilk, perfectly complementing the Morpheus hue from Dekton. With its matte finish and the interplay of white with grey and golden veining, the kitchen exudes timeless sophistication.

Jan expresses his admiration for the new worktop and how Dekton Morpheus comes as a perfect fit with a beautiful tactile look.   Dekton Morpheus graces the kitchen’s countertops, the rear wall, and the central island, while Dekton Slime adds a sleek veneer to the island’s cabinet fronts. At just 4 mm in thickness, Dekton Slime affords limitless design possibilities. The finishing touches from Milla Studio elevate the kitchen’s aesthetic to a sublime level.

The couple are immensely happy with the outcome and praises both the materials and designer behind the new look.  Together they express gratitude to Guri and all those who contributed to making their home a haven of comfort.

Find out more about the materials used in this space at Cosentino.

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