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Kitchens Jun 23, 2024

Sodastream: Benefits of Drinking 8 Glasses of water a day

Proper hydration is an essential part of our everyday health and wellbeing. Getting enough water can help to revitalise body and mind. That’s why it’s important to drink up and ensure you stay hydrated, throughout the seasons.

A person’s hydration depends on a number of different factors, including their size as well as their activity level. Many professionals recommend that we drink eight glasses of water per day (around 25o ml per glass).

However, others believe that we need more water than that and recommend that we drink a gallon of water per day. Be inspired with Sodastream.

The Importance of Drinking Water

To ensure that your body continues to perform at optimal levels, it is important that you stay hydrated. However, you also need to keep in mind that hydration needs are going to vary per person. So, what is good for one may not be good enough for the next person. So, any recommendations may need to be adjusted.

With proper hydration, you will reap several health benefits, including:

Enhanced Performance.

When hydrated, you can effectively prevent fatigue, control your body temperature, and reduce stress during your workouts.

Manage Weight.

Drinking water also helps increase your satiety and improves your metabolic rate, which in turn helps you lose and manage your weight.

Improve Brain Functions.

With adequate hydration, you will have improved memory and cognitive abilities.

Better Skin.

With hydration also comes moisturized skin and increased skin elasticity.

Keeping Up with Hydration

If you want to strive to drink a gallon of water each day, you may quickly find that it is not an easy task to accomplish – at first. With too much water, you may begin to feel bloated, and you will also find that you are spending more time on bathroom breaks.

However, you will definitely not be dehydrated, and you may even sleep better at night, eat a healthier diet, have clearer skin, and have tons more energy.

After a week or so of upping your water intake, you might also find yourself making better snacking choices. Instead of reaching for the sweets, you might choose an apple or other fresh fruit and vegetables.

In the following weeks, you may feel thirsty, even though you have increased your water intake over the last several weeks.

How to Drink More Water

As you amp up to increase your water intake to a gallon each day, we have a few tips you can take along with you to make it easier to remember to stay hydrated.

– Morning Water. When you first wake up, start the day with a 16-ounce glass of water.

– Don’t Skip the Coffee. You also don’t have to feel the need to ditch your morning coffee. You can have a cup of coffee or tea and still hit your goal.

– Skip the Sugar. Try to refrain from adding sugar and other additives to your water. The extra sugar will just intensify your thirst later in the day.

– Following a healthy diet complete with smarter snacking options is also good for replenishing your electrolytes. Fruit, nuts, string cheese, tomatoes, and unsweetened Greek yogurt are all healthy snacking options and are ideal for after a workout.

– Sparkling Water. If you are finding it hard to completely ditch the soda and sugary and carbonated drinks to focus on water, then you can choose sparkling water over flat water. It will hydrate you just as well as regular water would.

Can You Drink Too Much Water?

Drinking a gallon of water per day is definitely achievable for some, but many others will find that it is just too much. If you aren’t sure if you should be increasing your water intake, there are a few things you can watch for to help you decide.

For example, if you notice that your urine is a dark yellow colour, then you may be dehydrated. You may also experience dry mouth, headaches, cracked lips, and even muscle cramps. All of these are signs that you should increase your water intake.

You should also avoid drinking too much water too fast. When you do this, your sodium levels may begin to drop, which is a condition known as hyponatremia. This can be a serious and sometimes fatal condition.

Listen to Your Body

The absolute best thing you can do is stop and just listen to your body. Let how you feel determine how much water you should be drinking each day.

Yes, there are general guidelines for how much water to drink per day, but you also have to base these guidelines on other factors, including your own needs.

Whether you drink a gallon of water a day or stick to your 8 glasses, staying hydrated has several benefits for your health and is something you will want to try to stay focused on rather than reaching for those sugary drinks.

Staying Hydrated at Work

The importance of staying hydrated during the summer months is definitely burned into our brains. We have been told this constantly since childhood. But how many times have you been told that staying hydrated is also important at work?

Even if you spend your work hours inside in an air-conditioned office space, staying hydrated is something that needs to stay at the top of your to-do list. It is one of the most important things we can do regarding our health.

Benefits of Proper Hydration

When you are properly hydrated, your metabolism will get a nice boost, and it can go a long way in reducing daytime fatigue. When you become dehydrated, you may experience more frequent headaches, a decreased memory, and it may even prove to cause your work productivity to suffer as well.

If you are sitting at work and you feel thirsty, then it is too late. You are already dehydrated and in some desperate need of water.

How Much Water Per Day?

The 8×8 rule, or 8 glasses of water a day rule, while never actually confirmed, is still something many people continue to follow.

The same applies if you find yourself sitting in an air-conditioned office on the computer all day or you work outdoors or are planning on running a marathon. While at work, make sure to have your water handy so you can stay hydrated.

Struggling to get an adequate intake of water every day? Why not make it easier with Sodastream. Push, fizz, enjoy fresh sparkling water in seconds. Sparkle your water at the push of a button.

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