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Kitchens Oct 22, 2021

Socialization, summer, and serenity

Picture the scene: It’s October 2021. The sun is starting to make an appearance (albeit like most things this year – reluctantly). People are beginning to leave their houses again, pushing pizza boxes off their beds as they put on makeup for the first time in months. Awkward Whatsapp’s are being sent back and forth, asking what one another is doing this weekend, social skills having been forgotten for lack of use.

In short: We’re starting to get out there again. One lesson we have learned over the past 19 months (besides how to bake banana bread) is that when the opportunity arises, we need to seize the moment. We have no idea how long this will last or when we may have to retreat to our homes once again, and so now is the time to make the most of our lives, our friends, and our families (safely, of course).

BIBO wants to be part of this time. And we have the perfect reasons:

Our products scream socialization, summer, and serenity. No matter how you choose to get back out there, we have the goods to help you do it.

For those wanting to have a small get-together with the fam or some friends, the BIBO bar is the perfect counter accessory that cries, “I’VE BEEN FINE THIS WHOLE

TIME, SEE?”. With just the touch of a button, gain instant access to hot or cold water so you can feed your guests endless cups of tea and coffee while you relegate how much you have loved this time with your family – (don’t worry, babe, we’ll never tell.) And for those wanting to have an outdoor do, the BIBO fizz will add some sparkle to any drink of your choosing. So sit outside, drink some fizzy wine, water, or juice, and commiserate with your friends about how you’re now expected to wear jeans once again. Ugh.

And then, when you’ve headed out and you get home and wonder why you ever left the house in the first place (inevitable, if you’re anything like us), the BIBO express will be there to remind you about all the things you love about cozying up inside. With unlimited access to boiling water, you can keep your partner there for hours over endless cups of tea as you explain why you really do just enjoy sweatpants and hours and hours of watching Squid Games.

So however you choose to make your comeback. Choose to do it in style – with BIBO.




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