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Can you wrap toilet paper?

In todays world, things seem to be changing every day. Whether its the lockdown rules, the amount of time spent screaming at your spouse, or simply how many showers you take each week – its safe to say life is pretty unstable. 

Thats why, when we find those things that are consistent – things like winter, a mothers love and the cosiness of home – grab it and run (between 6am and 9am of course).


So lets forget for a minute about viruses, numbers and the correct way to use a mask, and rather focus of some on the things that bring us joy.

Mothers Day is upon us, and while you may be wondering what present would be acceptable that you can find in the essential isle only, we have a better idea. We believe buying Mom a BIBO product beats buying her toilet paper any day.


Besides for coming in nearly any colour you could imagine, the BIBO baris a phenomenal product in that you can get hot, cold and ambient water with just the touch of a button. What better way to say thanks for putting up with my nonsense all these years, mom”?


Or perhaps Mom is more a fan of the sparkle? Perfect! The BIBO fizz will turn drinking water – and anything else really – into a genuinely fun and bubbly experience, by carbonating it.

This May wont be like the others, so lets make it even better. Let BIBO keep you cosy and warm this winter while assisting with all those not-toilet-paper gifts. Buy our range of products now as were working through the lockdown – safely of course. Theres never been a better reason to spoil yourself and her.


Shop now at BIBO.co.za



Love us,




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