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Zimbo’s Trading: Your Guide To Wooden Staircases

A staircase is so much more than a functional installation to get you from one floor to the next. Today, modern staircase designs are simply mesmerising and the latest in wooden staircases can make for an impactful architectural detail in an interior. We asked the team from Zimbo’s  Trading  to share some advice about installing a gorgeous wooden staircase at home.

What are the latest design innovations and trends in Wooden Staircases?

Probably the latest and trendiest wooden staircases are timber box treads that float, with a glass balustrade attached to the end of the hardwood boxes. With clever engineering, we manufacture the treads such that we can fix them directly to the wall to give a feeling of space and sophistication. The glass balustrade keeps the simplicity and means that the treads are not hidden and are allowed to be completely visual.

What sort of wood is suggested as wear and tear and longevity are important factors?

We always suggest any of the more popular hardwoods, such as Oak, Ash, American Walnut and Teak. This ensures that the treads wear well, and are also stable, with limited movement.

What are the various and most popular styles of staircases currently?

Floating staircases still remain the most sought-after staircases in upmarket real estate. These can be either floating box treads made from a suitable hardwood, or solid timber treads that are fixed to a steel stringer, such that the treads float on a steel spine. Alternatively, concrete stairs can be clad with timber, using a combination of solid and engineered wood.

What are some of the benefits of wood over other materials like steel or concrete?

Wooden staircases are warm in appearance and also aesthetically give a real wow factor to any space. They are also arguably softer on the body if you are to slip on the staircase.

Is it true that it’s easy to keep wooden staircases clean?

Certainly, a wooden staircase that is coated with a good quality commercial coating for durability, will be very easy to clean. The ultra matt varnishes such as Loba Invisible Protect will protect the wood, and only require cleaning on a weekly basis with a Ph neutral cleaner.

On the flipside what do you need to do to prevent stains and marking?

You need to use the correct quality coating. A commercial coating is recommended for staircases as they do incur more wear and tear than the hardwood floor will.

Do wooden staircases enhance the worth of a home?

Definitely. A top-quality staircase will most certainly lift and elevate the home, and so too increase the value of the home.

What are some of the bigger factors to consider when installing a wooden staircase?

The design of the staircase is extremely important, and a top-quality designer or architect, as well as a competent engineer, are also required. The quality of the steelwork will also determine the quality of the hardwood treads and their installation in the case of floating staircases. Skew steel just does not cut it!

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