Wonderwall Studios: How to use reclaimed wood with style

There is something beautiful and rustic about the use of reclaimed wood. Besides being great for the environment, repurposed wood has a story to tell. Each fissure, scar and cut suggest that this wood has travelled a journey. Using such reclaimed materials in your home therefore adds character and rustic charm that is very on trend presently.

Wonderwall Studios, available locally through Avnex Architectural Surfaces, designs and produces wood panels for walls and other surfaces. Since their start back in 2010 they have always gone the extra mile, for their clients of course, but also to find the best and most beautiful reclaimed woods. They love working with reclaimed woods, so much so that if the wood is not reclaimed, they won’t touch it. This sustainability principle forms not only the foundation of their business; it is the beating heart. They are proud of this but also see it as something that should come naturally to any people working in this line of business.

During the search for suitable woods, Wonderwall Studios will always keep an eye open for any new trends and styles. They sketch, doodle, draw, throw stuff at the wall and discuss the design ideas with the woodworkers; it’s a true team effort. Their collection has something for everyone. You can find their panelling adorning walls, ceilings, bars, reception desks and even floors in both commercial and residential spaces. We think it’s great that loads of people have discovered the versatility of these panels to enrich their interiors. The collections are as diverse as the interiors they enliven.
Wonderwall Studios’ panels have decorated several fireplaces with reclaimed wood for beautiful finishes. Winter is here in South Africa and we all want to snuggle up by the fire, right? So, let’s heat it up and do it in style with a customised Wonderwall installation.

Haaren 04-09-2014
Pand Otten van Eck Architecten,
iov MB3 Excellent.
Foto Raphaël Drent, Tiel.

Visit Avnex to see the full collection available locally from Wonderwall Studios.


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