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Wolkberg Casting Studios: The Adorn Collection

The Adorn Range is a special addition to the Wolkberg Casting Studios’ catalogue. It finds its inspiration in the brass detailing found in older cities. Embellished brass manhole covers, brass drinking water outlets, vintage brass door handles, lamp posts, and signage. These subtle, but powerful, vintage brass touches offer an air of elegance and beauty – cleverly captured in the Adorn Collection.

The design minds were intrigued by the way the material ages in the open environment so elegantly. Not even weather, nor wear and tear in the outdoors can damage it. These pieces are rather enhanced and take on a life of its own.

Wolkberg’s brand identity includes copper because of its timeless properties. Therefore, the team decided to expand on the brass idea for the Adorn range by adding copper and stainless steel to the range.

“With this range, we hope to give home owners, designers and architects, the opportunity to create memorable moments in their designs that can last a lifetime.”

Style Guide to Adorn Your Home

By choice, you can make it as subtle as suits you and allow it to age naturally. Or you could go over the top bling and keep it at a high polish.

The semi previous range come in a choice of different finishes such as normal, brushed or high polish. Wolkberg also offers custom artificially aged versions if these materials are requested.

Wolkberg Casting Studios is showcasing their amazing Adorn Range at Hoi P’loy during the 100% Design, Design Trail in Cape Town.

Adorn Clad

Working with different materials and pushing boundaries on its application is something that drives the Studios’ design team.

Through playing around with metals, they also developed the Adorn fully clad tiles. The beauty of this range is the attention to detail that goes into this precision hand made tile. The metal falls over the edge of the shape as though it were molten lava.

The benefits of the fully clad Adorn tile is that it is suitable for floors as an accent and walls. The aesthetic is a bold solid-looking tile to add that extra bit of excitement to your floor or wall!

The future of the fully clad Adorn Range is bright with possibilities. Stay tuned for more additions.

Win: Design Trail, Cape Town

Wolkberg Casting Studios is showcasing their amazing Adorn Range at Hoi P’loy during the 100% Design, Design Trail in Cape Town.

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For more visit Wolkberg.

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