Turn up the heat this winter

Winter is officially here. Are you and your home prepared for the colder months ahead? Why not invest in quality heating solutions to maximise your home’s warmth and create a cosy and inviting interior this winter.

We’re talking heat – heaters, underfloor heating, airconditioning and flaming furnaces. Here are a few options to consider to up the heat levels in your abode:

Mobile heating

During winter, the air may be chilly and often unbearable, even inside your home. Be sure to invest in a decent heating system to ensure that your family can better enjoy the space. Portable heaters are great for mobility and can be moved around your home. There are also a wide range of options available today – gas, oil and electric heaters are common choices to warm up your home quickly and efficiently.

Panel heaters

A wall panel heater is great in smaller areas where you need to circulate heat and remove a slight chill from the air. These are a simple and cost-effective solution in smaller bedrooms and children’s rooms. They do not use any floor space and can be easily installed on an open wall.

Air Conditioning

Not only for the summer months, air conditioning systems are great for heating up the interior during winter. These versatile appliances work fast to remove the chill out of the air, whether in an office environment or in your home. With so many modern designs to choose from, be sure to chat to an expert about your AC needs and choose a product to work in your space.

For chilly toes and feet

Underfloor heating is also an excellent choice in the home. These can be installed under your flooring, whether tiles, wood or carpets, and work wonders to add a sense of warmth in a room. This is also a popular choice in bathrooms to warm up chilly feet and toes during the cooler months.


Of course, nothing quite beats the open flames of a roaring fire, in your living area, bedroom and even the kitchen. Invest in a quality fireplace and you may not want to leave your home this winter. Remember to stock up on gas or wood before the cold arrives in full force.


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