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Spotlight: Sonae Arauco

Sonae Arauco is a wood-based panels manufacturer that produces solutions for residential and business contexts. We chatted to the team about their sustainable approach to business and some of their latest product offerings…

What is Sonae Arauco doing in terms of making their products more sustainable?

Sonae Arauco’s goal is to create wood-based solutions that are sustainable and which improve the quality of life, with the ambition of being the number one brand for its customers, employees, suppliers and surrounding communities. The vision is to create wood for a better future and a better planet.

Wood is at the root of the company value chain. Starting with the use of raw materials from a sustainable origin refers to a circular approach in production with the utilisation of recycling. This means that recycled wood can reintegrate into the production process several times.

The selection of decorative wood-based panels are E1 Certified and available with additional properties complying with the strictest environmental requirements with regard to formaldehyde emissions.

You’re well known for your Novolam® Collection. What makes this range so special and what’s new in the collection?

The Novolam® Collection was based on décor trends created by European design houses and was initially launched in South Africa as a customised selection to overseas counterparts. Novolam® was to South Africa as Innovus is to Europe. A unique brand tailored for a diverse and eclectic South African market.

Replacing the Novolam® and finally making its way to the South African market is the Innovus Decorative Products brand. Innovus is the brand name for Sonae Arauco’s range of innovative decorative wood products, either patterned or unicolour, including exclusive melamine panels. The collection was designed thinking of everyday situations, which led to the inception of the “Matching Life” slogan.

Any new projects you are currently involved in or recently completed?

In November of 2019, Sonae Arauco unveiled a R220 Million investment in Mpumalanga, expanding massively on the existing White River plant. The expansion was part of a strategy to increase production efficiency of wood-based decorative panels, spearheaded by the installation of a new Dieffenbacher melamine line.

The additional press further bolstered production and laid the foundation for brand innovations in the finishes range. Thanks to this upgrade Sonae Arauco was able to introduce new décors such as Chobe, Foundry, Grigio, Pacific, and Shadow Blue.

Any new products recently launched?

We introduced Stucco – an award-winning finish – to our finishes range that will be offered for selected Unicolours. This finish adds a touch of cement and ceramics, drawing inspiration from industrial and urban environments. Its highly tactile surface and perfect gloss lend it a completely natural appearance.

Joining the Innovus Decorative Products categories are the three new contemporary décors that were introduced alongside the May launch. Sanctuary, regal and rustic, joins the Woodgrain category; Castle Grey, rich and soothing, is joining the Unicolour category, and Elmina, with sublime detailing, joins the industrial inspired Fantasies category. These new décors carry the look and feel of the matching life ethos that Innovus has inspired.

What is Sonae Arauco’s Vision and Mission for 2021 and beyond?

Our mission is to offer wood-based solutions that improve people’s lives. Sonae Arauco strives to take innovation further, bringing its products to the next level of design and quality for the furniture and interior design sectors. With an international presence, a strong industrial soul, and a long-term vision,

Sonae Arauco is deeply committed to the environment.  The development of wood-inspired solutions takes industrial functionality, quality, and design aspects into consideration, turning its products into value-added solutions with multiple application possibilities.

One of Sonae Arauco’s key pillars is the implementation of carbon neutral policies and practices as a long-term vision for sustainable decorative solutions. This means that the product range will continue to meet the highest standard of carbon emission regulations.

Sonae Arauco believes in the value of wood in people’s lives.

For more visit Sonae Arauco.

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