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Bedroom Storage Made Easy: Clothing Lift and Accessories Hanger with Roco Fittings

Take your bedroom storage up a notch with beautiful finishes and versatile solutions featuring Roco Fittings. Lift is the preferred choice for a versatile mobile clothes hanger in single- and double-door wardrobes. 


Organise your space now

This innovative hanger is designed to support and organise clothing with ease. Each arm of the hanger can bear up to 12 kgs of clothing and can be adjusted to different heights, offering a convenient solution for varying wardrobe needs.


For double-door wardrobes, separate lift solutions for the right and left sides allow for the movement of half the weight of clothes, providing balanced support and organization. In the loading position, the arm blocks ensure that clothes are easily accessible, making selecting and organizing outfits effortless.

Moreover, this product is not only a practical solution for individual use but is also widely utilized in professional settings, demonstrating its versatility and reliability.


Super Lift

The Super Lift sets a new standard as the only mobile clothes hanger on the market with customizable lifting power, supporting weights of up to 20 kg. This unique feature allows the hanger to adapt to the varying weight of clothing items across different seasons, ensuring that your wardrobe organization remains efficient and effective year-round. Additionally, the tilt of the arms can be adjusted to suit the depths of different wardrobes, providing customizable support and organisation for a wide range of wardrobe configurations.

The Trouser Rack

The Trouser Rack central version is an innovative solution that maximizes the utilisation of typically unused wardrobe space. When mounted under wardrobe shelves, this practical addition offers the capacity to hold either 10 or 20 pairs of trousers, depending on the version, providing efficient space-saving organisation for your clothing collection.

Furthermore, the central version of the Trouser Rack features a built-in loop for hanging accessories, such as belts, ties, and neck scarves, ensuring comprehensive and efficient wardrobe organisation for a variety of clothing items and accessories.

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