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Pelican Systems: All About Ceilings

Your ceiling is the fifth wall in your home, and yet many designers may overlook this important feature. The overall look and design of your ceiling can add to the ambience and mood of your space. At Pelican Systems, you’ll find a comprehensive range of ceiling and partition systems and products designed for the ceiling. Learn to enhance this feature in your interior with our top designer tips…

A ceiling with a pop of colour, a stylish ceiling fan or detailed trim can transform your space. Specific ceiling details can instantly upgrade a room and give it a more modern feel. With ceiling accents, you can also create drama in an otherwise dull space, as well as give the illusion of height in a compact room.

Making a ceiling the focal point of a room has its challenges though. The right look depends on the style of the home, the size of the room and the personality of the owner. With so many factors to consider, deciding how to enhance a room by altering the ceiling can be overwhelming.

But with so many options available, the result could be a worthwhile investment. Pelican Ceiling Systems offer a range for suspended and flush plastered ceilings as well as PVC Ceilings. For suspended ceiling systems, they stock a number of grid systems, Knauf AMF Acoustic Ceilings, Gypsum and Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tiles, Acoustic ceiling tiles and all of the accessories needed for suspension and fixing.

The range for flush plastered ceilings includes suspension grid and steel brandering, 7mm, 9mm and 12mm JUMBO Plasterboards and a variety of trim profiles to facilitate various shadowline ceiling effects. Pelican further stocks a number of cornice profiles including Orac Decor, a Belgian Range of decorative mouldings.

Insulation and Jointing and Skimming Plasters complete the range of products which are branded JUMBO. Furthermore, PVC Ceilings are popular for affordable housing projects.

Some ideas to enhance your ceilings:

A splash of colour

White may be the most popular ceiling option, but did you ever consider a splash of colour for added interest? Contrasting ceiling and wall colours can give a room a more contemporary feel. Experts recommend using deeper shades, like eggplant or cocoa, to make a large space feel cosier and softer ones, white included, to open it up.

Or consider a wallpaper – over-scale or bold patterns will definitely keep it interesting. One thing to note: Designers caution against using the same color or pattern on both the walls and the ceiling. Doing so tends to make a room feel small and closeted.

Structured Design

When it comes to custom ceiling design, the only limit is your imagination. Popular options include coffered ceilings, which feature a symmetrical grid of painted beams; tray ceilings, which give off a recessed look; and ceilings featuring various woods or exposed wood trusses. Furthermore, detailed trim and ceiling medallions can also add flair to a room.


Speciality lighting fixtures can complete a room. In many ways, modern ceiling lights can serve as artwork for your ceilings while adding much-needed illumination to your space. Recessed lighting, pendant lamps and chandeliers can be paired with other ceiling details to make a statement with a room’s design.

Need to rethink your ceilings? Contact Pelican Systems to find out more about the products they have on offer.

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