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Neolith: Exploring the Beauty and Benefits of Sintered Stone in Your Home

When it comes to creating stunning interiors, the choice of materials plays a pivotal role. Enter sintered stone—an innovative building material that redefines the standards of strength, durability, design, and sustainability. This versatile and functional marvel finds its place in kitchen worktops, cladding, facades, and furniture, offering a blend of aesthetics and practicality.


What Sets Sintered Stone Apart?

Neolith sintered stone is crafted from  the finest raw materials, clay and kaolins. The sintering process mirrors the formation of natural igneous rocks, where minerals meld and solidify at high temperatures. At Neolith, the team draws inspiration from this organic process, employing extreme heat and pressure to produce models that not only reflect nature in their finishes but also in their manufacturing. The outcome? An ultra-compacted surface that captivates with its beauty and exceptional performance.

Sintered Stone for Every Corner of Your Home

The versatility of sintered stone knows no bounds. From kitchen and bathroom worktops to interior flooring, cladding, sinks, shower trays, and even exclusive furnishings—this material finds its place in every nook and cranny. The range of thicknesses and finishes caters to diverse applications, allowing the creation of contemporary, inviting, and highly functional spaces.

1. Sintered Stone Countertops

Sintered stone kitchen countertops boast advantages over traditional materials. Their resistance to stains and bacteria, thanks to low porosity, makes them a breeze to clean. Neolith extends this advantage to kitchen sinks, washbasins, and bathroom countertops, offering avant-garde design coupled with unmatched durability.

2. Sintered Stone Claddings

With colour consistency and long-lasting resistance, sintered stone claddings outshine other materials. Their application in minimal thicknesses streamlines the construction process, even allowing them to be laid over existing tiles. Whether in large or small formats, these claddings bring aesthetic appeal and technical prowess to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

3. Sintered Stone Pools and Terraces

Ideal for swimming pool floors and outdoor terraces, sintered stone’s near-zero porosity prevents mold and bacterial growth. Its strength and resistance make it a superior choice for flooring, ensuring longevity even in high-traffic areas. Neolith‘s exclusive designs add a touch of style to your outdoor spaces.

4. Sintered Stone Furniture

In the realm of interior design, sintered stone furniture is making waves. From minimalist office desks to sophisticated shelving, the material’s performance and aesthetics stand out. Outdoor benches and seats, along with fireplace options, showcase its versatility and resistance to fire and temperature.

5. Sintered Stone Facades

For facades that withstand the test of time, sintered stone is the go-to choice. Resilient to temperature changes, waterproof, and highly resistant, it offers inspiring solutions for various architectural styles. At Neolith, sustainability takes center stage, with all the collections being produced with 100% natural raw materials, which are also recyclable, ensuring a responsible and eco-friendly approach.

In a commitment to sustainability, Neolith strives to reduce emissions, waste, and water consumption, preserving natural resources and contributing to the architecture of tomorrow.

Elevate your home with the beauty and functionality of sintered stone—an investment in both style and the planet.


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