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Supreme Mouldings: Add Modern Appeal With Architectural Details

When it comes to a home’s architecture and layout, the details matter. You can add interest and modern appeal to your abode through simple finishes that will certainly elevate your space. Here we show you some nifty ideas to add architectural details and make a real statement of style in your home, with thanks to Supreme Mouldings.

Use strips of moulding to make your current baseboards more substantial or to create your own crown. It’s the small touches that will work together to add style and character to your home.

Whether through the ceiling, or on the walls, a simple application of mouldings can add definition and that wow factor to take your room to a new level of style and sophistication. These gold trimmed mouldings (on a white backdrop) are superb and hint at an element of luxury living in a modern space.

Eye-Catching Elegance

If you’ve inherited an older home with its elaborate mouldings, then you know that these architectural details certainly add some flair and a sense of richness to your house. In a modern home, you can recreate the look with mouldings to suit your space and lend your home a new level of sophistication. We love this bold mellow yellow ceiling featuring the beauty of ornate mouldings in a detailed pattern that brings this ceiling to life!

Ceilings no longer have to remain bland and unadorned. Recognise it as the fifth wall in your room and decorate your ceilings with confidence. It’s all about those lavish little touches that add to the idea of luxury living in your home.

A simple wall can also be updated to a luxurious space – by simply applying carefully considered mouldings to enhance the look. Not only does this add texture and tone, but overall your walls can easily take on a regal appearance – one with a story to tell. How beautiful are these grey tones walls featuring simple mouldings!

Create your own desired shape and design

You can also add your own personal touch and create your own desired pattern and design. Paint this in a complementary colour palette and let your new moulding do the talking in any room. Take a look at this soft blush feature wall in ornate detailing – enhanced by simple moulding in a ornate pattern above the bathtub.

Bathroom Details on the walls

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