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Mercury Fittings: New Decorative Hardware Solutions For Your Home

The decorative hardware industry keeps evolving and with a host of new designs and trends on the market today, there are so many great new options to reinvent and transform our favourite rooms.


Like each of us is unique with varied tastes and interests, so too is our homes and how we choose to decorate them. From cabinet handles to locks, hinges and more, Mecury Fittings are invested in sourcing quality decorative hardware to enhance our interior spaces. They are specialists in the supply of high-end decorative hardware. The team import from established suppliers in Europe. Here you will find a wide range of products including door, window, shutter and cabinet fittings through to bathroom brassware and ceramic sanitaryware.

Some of the latest trends include:


When it comes to beautiful hardware for your cabinets and doors, simplicity and minimalist design often go hand in hand. Many designers opt for sleek, streamlined hardware. This is often done to complement a modern aesthetic. Contemporary homes subsequently call for understated elegance and we are seeing this trend through to the smaller details in the choices we make regarding handles, cabinet fittings and ironmongery used in interior design today.

Metallic Trend

Bold metallic finishes add a hint of elegance to any space. From brass and gold to silver and aluminium. Each metal features its own unique appeal.  Like modern pieces of jewellery that can elevate a room, metallic hardware has the power to brighten and uplift a room. It adds unique appeal and can speak to the soul of a room. Metal accents are also a great way to enhance an industrial or urban design scheme that calls for a contemporary twist.

DIAMOND MESH – shown in Chestnut Bronze

Decor and Detail

As most homeowners seek out individualised furniture and hardware to make their homes feel special, the trend in decorative hardware has also shifted toward unique designs and artistic finishes. Bejewelled handles and even hand-drawn designs make a real statement. The Decor Collection from the Quality Lock Company, available through Mercury Fittings, showcases this trend beautifully. Here you will find a blend of modern design and time-honoured techniques. This is masterfully combined in a stunning range of hand-drawn designs.

Mercury Fittings boasts a wide selection of goods to cater for traditional, victorian, contemporary, modern and industrial style homes. These come in a variety of finishes so that no matter your interior style, they can match it and create a true masterpiece with the defining details.

Turnstyle Designs – Hammered collection shown in Burnished Brass finish. Made in the UK by Turnstyle Designs and available in 6 different solid brass hammered finishes. Available to order in South Africa at @mercuryfittingscc

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