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Mercury Fittings: Make A Statement with Black & Gold Hardware

Go glam with a luxury statement in your next design project. The combination of black and gold hardware is both beautiful and luxe. It’s the perfect way to make a statement of style and bring a designer edge into your interior. Here are some of our favourite pieces available from Mercury Fittings.

Unrefined Elegance

Choosing hardware for your cabinets should be a priority. These are often some of the first fixtures you see when walking into a room. Whether your kitchen cabinets, bedroom cupboards, or even door knobs – each fixture used should work together to evoke the ambience you want your home to embrace. If unrefined elegance is what you’re after, black and gold is a timeless combination. Not only does it offer a pop of luxury to an otherwise ordinary space, but black and gold together brings depth and drama to any room.

Highlight any room

Decorative hardware is more than just a functional choice in a room. It is a way to highlight and enhance a design scheme. It can tie into the overall look of your space as well. Black together with metal is all about glamorous living. It’s the colour combination of royalty, luxury and drama. The metallic hints in these fixtures will add a beautiful reflective quality to your room, while the black brings a grounded, dramatic tone.

Some of our favourites include:

  • Black leather and brass – for an urban, industrial feel in an interior.
  • Polished metal – great for added shine and luminosity.
  • Patterened black finishing – adds depth and detail to draw the eye inward.

Shop this winning combination and find the ideal decorative hardware at Mercury Fittings.

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