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Spring Cleaning Made Easy With BLUM SA

We’re in the middle of Spring and if you have yet to tackle your home, well then the time is now. It’s time to tidy up and declutter. Start today!

Let’s begin this Spring Clean in the room that we often use the most – the kitchen. Learn to organise those kitchen drawers like a pro and you’ll already feel more organised. BLUM SA  makes things easy with their latest range of nifty tools for the kitchen – from drawer organisers to plate holders, space towers and more.


Unlock your drawers’ organising superpowers with innovative Blum solutions, helping you fit everything into your available space. From ORGA-LINE drawer organizers to smart waste solutions, be inspired by the wide range of storage possibilities.


Struggling to access items in your cupboards while you Spring Clean? Choose SPACE TOWER larder units from Blum that would make this task easy. The internal drawers open up individually so every item can be seen.

Schubkasten Folienschneider

With ORGA-LINE inner dividers, contents can be neatly stored for visibility and easy access. Organised storage for all kitchen items can be achieved with this practical solution.

What about those messy cutlery drawers? Eclipse offers everything you need to create a stylish, organised space… From stainless steel containers for your cutlery, inner dividers for your utensils, pots, lids and bottles to spice holders PLUS plate holders. Find things with ease, giving you time to do so much more.

Schubkasten Arbeitsbesteck

Reorganise those cutlery drawers with ORGA-LINE cutlery inserts and store your cutlery neatly in groups of the same items. Serving spoons can be stored separately from your cutlery creating organised space in the drawer. The stainless steel containers are removable so cutlery can be carried to the table for use when entertaining. The containers are easy to clean and dishwasher safe too. Everything is made visible, stored neatly and very easy to find those items you need most.

If space is a concern in a smaller kitchen, do not fret. Allocate one large drawer for your most used dinner & side plates and choose the Blum plate holders to store them securely. These holders prevent slipping and sliding and can hold up to 12 plates.

Plate Holder

What’s more, these nifty plate holders can be taken out the drawer and carried. This solution helps add an extra layer of organisation & safe storage.

Carrying Blum plate holder

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