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Press-Up Industries

Designs too hot to handle? Not for Press-Up Industries.

Manufacturers of bespoke hardware and sanitaryware, Press-Up Industries offers customers a wide range of handles, knobs, decor accessories and bathroom fittings.

The company’s attractive selection of handles offers clients the opportunity to easily and cost-effectively customise cabinets and more. Available in several styles, including designs inspired by classic Edwardian and Victorian pieces, as well as traditional French and contemporary-inspired designs, the handles are available in solid brass, porcelain, crystal and glass.

“The choice of material for handle manufacturing significantly influences functionality, durability, and user satisfaction,” explains Press-Up Industries.

Here, the company outlines several common handle materials along with the characteristics and uses of each.


Wooden Handles

Wooden handles have long been favoured for their natural beauty and comfortable grip, making them popular in kitchen utensils, hand tools, and furniture. Their warm and tactile feel appeals to traditionalists and offers a personal connection to the user.

Solid Brass Handles

Brass remains a timeless choice for cabinet handles due to its durability and resistance to corrosion, rust and tarnishing. It’s especially suitable for furniture exposed to moisture or humidity, offering longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Metal Handles

Metal handles, such as stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium, are renowned for their strength, durability and sleek look. They find use in cookware, cutlery and heavy-duty tools, providing a reliable grip and stability where needed. Mild steel is not recommended for coastal areas due to corrosion risks.

Cast-Iron Handles

Cast-iron handles add a timeless charm to cabinets and drawers, lasting for generations. While durable, they may develop rust spots over time, particularly around moving parts and screw holes, requiring regular maintenance.

Zinc-Alloy Handles

Zinc-alloy handles offer a cost-effective alternative, mimicking the appearance of pricier materials like brass or bronze. Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, they can be finished with various coatings for added protection. However, they may corrode if not properly maintained.

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