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Grass Systems: Bringing Movement to the Kitchen

Grass is a German and Austrian Hardware company that has been at the forefront of the business for over 80 years. Truly innovators in all things hardware, Grass was the first to launch the Euro Hinge, concealed furniture hinge, metal roller slide, single and double wall drawer system, synchronized drawer system, soft close hinge, fully electronic drawer box, and the most advanced integrated soft close system on the market.

Grass ZA was started in 1984 in South Africa and today it serves the South African market through its branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and a distributor in Kwa Zulu Natal. We can now access these international quality innovations and incorporate it into our own spaces thanks to these local branches bringing global trends to South Africa.

Their hardware is truly the prototype for all that’s on the market and remains unrivalled in its quality. Published stylist, decorator and artist, Christine Dovey blogs about the impact Grass has had in the functionality of her own designs, having used their soft close hinges in her own kitchen, mudroom and basement. She says, “We often pay a lot of attention to what something looks like on the outside, but soft close hardware truly allows you to appreciate how things are working on the inside.” Current kitchen designs, for example, often showcase lower cabinets only. Christine says: “In my kitchen, no upper cabinets means that glassware, plates and cutlery are all stored in my island drawers. Prior to having Grass soft close hardware installed, I was having to deal with the almost constant sound of drawers banging shut and dishes breaking.

Now that all of my big-box hinges and drawer systems have been replaced with Grass, I can now enjoy the look I wanted with so much more functionality.” Another benefit of the Grass system is their weight allowances. Christine explains that before replacing her big-box hinges and drawers with Grass, she had two large drawers functioning as pantries for food. “The normal restrictions of 40 kg were causing my food drawers not to shut or open properly. Because Grass systems allow for almost double the weight (70 kg,) my food drawers now open and close with ease, while enjoying the same soft close technology.” With Grass, you can take inexpensive cabinetry and elevate the functionality by replacing the hardware, and with a lifetime warranty, even if your cupboards wear out, the hardware will always keep things working at their very best. The products are functional, affordable and available locally through Grass ZA.

Contact: Grass in South Africa.

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