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Signi Fires: The Aero suspended fireplace is trending in 2023 and here are the reasons why

A space that requires a beautiful focal point can be occupied by a heating solution that with become a feature in your home. The Aero suspended fireplace is trending in 2023 and here are the reasons why.  Aero-hanging-fireplace

Art suspended

The Aero commands a presence wherever it is installed, effortlessly integrating with its surroundings. The Aero hanging fireplace floats in mid-air and can rotate 360 degrees allowing a view of the beautiful flames from any position in the room. The shape and versatility of this contemporary fireplace not only makes it an efficient source of heat but also a showpiece and work of art.


Locally manufactured

The Aero is hand forged in South Africa with a diameter of 1200mm. The body and anchor plate’s are standard sizes with the hanging pipe customised for each installation.

Signi Fires specialises in manufacturing world-class braais as well as wood, gas and bioethanol fireplaces from our facility in Cape Town.


Versatile and functional

The Aero is available as a wood-burning fireplace or as a bio-ethanol fireplace option for added flexibility in your space. The wood option will require a flue pipe to exit your roof but with the bio-ethanol version, you don’t need a flue pipe. The bio-ethanol option uses a round bio-ethanol burner and is great for apartments or places where a flue pipe or chimney is not possible or not allowed.

The fireplace can be easily fed with logs or filled with bioethanol through its front opening. A contemporary design to observe the beauty of the flame. With this revolving fireplace, you can enjoy the warmth and brightness of the fire from anywhere in the room and enjoy the view of the flames from your sofa, your armchair, or even from your dining table when socialising with friends.


Signi Fires’ suspended range is custom-made to add a perfectly fitted, aesthetically pleasing warmth to your home. Visit our website now to find your closest dealer.






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