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Signi Fires: Get The Look With Autumn Indoor – Outdoor Living

We all know the weather can be a little unpredictable this time of the year. As seasons change, so do our requirements at home. Signi Fires shows us how to create a modern indoor-outdoor feel this autumn!

Signi Fires have spent time developing quality products for every season of the year. Whether a heater, firepit, burner or more… they have the solution you need.

Take it outdoors – or in…

A heater is a great choice to be placed on your veranda, in your sunroom, on the deck, poolside or in the garden – at any time of year. A bioethanol firepit is effective, safe and requires no connections and is 100% loadshedding proof. The bioethanol fire pit is the latest edition of Signi Fire’s collection of bioethanol burners. Furthermore, the burner is made from grade 304 stainless steel and the 600mm surround is powder coated in one of many colour options. Simply unbox and place it in position. What is not to love?

The Bioethanol Range

Some of the benefits of this range include:

  • Flame size and fuel use is easy to control
  • Extinguishing the firepit is easy, safe, and fast
  • No harmful emissions
  • No connections
  • No flue system needed
  • Weatherproof
  • Mobile
  • Modern design
  • High quality powder coated stainless steel
  • Burning time 6 –12 hours depending on setting
  • Genius alternative to a traditional gas or wood burning fire pits

Other designs are subsequently available from the Bioethanol range. This includes:

The Umlilo

Umlilo meaning ‘Fire’ in Zulu is a freestanding bioethanol fireplace which is portable and can easily be turned to get the opening in the right position.

Place the Umlilo anywhere you want, enjoy the warmth and create a comfortable atmosphere. The Umlilo bioethanol fireplace can thus also be used outdoors, though it should be stored indoors.

The Fold Bioethanol Burner

The Fold Bioethanol fireplace is perfect as a heating centrepiece on your outdoor or indoor dining table. Furthermore, the solid steel structure ensures stability and safety. Available in 6 sizes and finished in matt black, matt white or brushed stainless steel.

Create a warm inviting space to entertain your loved ones this autumn before the chill sets in with beautiful heating solutions from Signi Fires.

Just be warned, guests might get too cosy that they won’t want to leave.

Visit https://www.signifires.com

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