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Paris Mural from Lacunza South Africa

The Paris Wall mounted fireplace from Lacunza is the perfect space saving solution for any size home. By utilising wall space, both cosy rooms and open plan spaces can experience the warmth of a wall hung stove.

The PARIS wood-burning stove is a steel appliances with a vermiculite interior. It comes with forced ventilation via 3 tangential turbines with control unit (5 speeds, On/Off and remote control). Fix the Prais Mural fireplace onto the wall, giving a striking and eye-catching visual effect.

These are the technologies offered by this innovative wood-burning stove:
Eolo System: with tangential turbine that can be controlled by a remote-controlled potentiometer.
Silence Mode: a turbine shutdown system for maximum silence.
Easy Fire Control: the fire can be controlled using a single control.
External Air Inlet: the appliance has a ductable air-intake system to draw air from outside.
Double Combustion: it has a system for burning the gas obtained in the primary combustion of the wood which reduces consumption.
Perfect Combustion: optimal wood-burning technology.
Extra Clean Glass: a new air inlet system onto the glass to keep it clean longer.
Cleaning Access: this technology allows easy access for chimney sweeping by means of a patented hatch.
Low Consumption Homes: this wood-burning stove is certified for low-consumption homes.


The Paris 800 Mural offers the ideal fireplace experience, with a 7-13Kw heat output it will heat up a room of about 90m2. The glass on three sides, you can enjoy the flames from all angles.

Contact a Lacunza approved distributor and ask about the Paris Mural Fireplace. Find a list of showrooms in South Africa here: https://lacunza.co.za/where-to-buy


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