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Lacunza: The Best Time to Plan for Winter is now!

If you don’t already own a wood burner now is the best time to plan for one. Lacunza has many sizes and models to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect heating solution from our versatile range.

Introducing the Paris 800 Mural 3-sided fireplace from Lacunza

This fireplace is guaranteed to be eye-catching and the centre of attention. The Paris Mural is a unique stove, available with either a log store base or as a wall-mounted unit. This wood-burning stove features screen-printed glass and offers a very large view of the fire. It is fitted with an ash box and a wood grate. An added feature is the forced air ventilation system through a tangential centrifugal blower fan with a 5-speed control unit, ON/OFF and remote control, non-stain glass, easy chimney sweeping and silence mode. These stoves are made of steel with a vermiculite lining and also with the option of a cast iron firebox.

The Paris Mural is powerful, efficient and ECODESIGN 2022 compliant. Compliance with this standard is now mandatory throughout the European Union and any appliance that fails to comply cannot be sold or installed

Plan for Winter

Summer is on its way and there is no better time to get ready for the next winter season than in the warmer months fast approaching.

Dry wood is the secret to a hot, clean fire

Start seasoning your wood in the month of October. ‘Seasoning’ wood can sound intimidating but fortunately, it is an easy process. Buy wood now, cut it to the desired size and store. Water in the wood migrates through the ends of the wood, shorter logs enable the water to pass out of the log more quickly. Store in a sunny spot, if possible, to speed up the drying process

A closed combustion fireplace has a fire chamber that is designed to maximise the heat output from the wood into the room. This chamber keeps and then burns the gases emitted from burning wood inside the firebox, and then generates high temperatures.  For this science to work – wood must be dry. The biggest influence of wood quality is the moisture content.

Telltale signs that you are using wet wood

  • The glass on your fireplace burns black
  • There is excess smoke
  • Your fireplace emits a smoky smell
  • The fire is not burning hot
  • A faster creosote build-up in your flue pipes

Contact a distributor near you and ask about the Lacunza range of wood burning fireplaces.

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