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Jetmaster Takes The Guesswork Out Of Choosing A Fireplace

Open, closed, flueless, built-in or freestanding… when it comes to choosing a fireplace for your interior, the options are endless. Here we shed some light on the different varieties available and how Jetmaster is leading the way in terms of innovative fireplace solutions.

A traditional open fireplace is rustic and charming in any interior. It is ideal to set a romantic mood as you curl up near the roaring flames and listen to the wood crackling nearby. However, this form of fireplace actually loses the most heat in comparison with more modern closed variations. Most of the heat moves up the chimney and you, therefore, end up spending more on materials and energy.

On the contrary, closed combustion fireplaces are far more efficient and generate more heat into your interior than that which is lost through an open fireplace. Not only do they look great but they are also functional and keep the heat from escaping your precious interior.

If you have a traditional fireplace, an insert (or inset) stove can be installed in the space, flush with the wall. An insert closed combustion fireplace will help to make huge improvements in efficiency compared to an open fireplace which can lose up to 80% of its heat.

Jetmaster has been bringing warmth to homes worldwide and creating a consumer relationship by making beautifully designed and meticulously crafted products since 1951. Their convection heating system allows the room to be heated in two ways. Firstly, from radiated heat directly off the fireplace itself, and secondly, convected heat from the air that is heated as it travels through the convection chamber.

All their fireplaces are made with seam welds and are shot blasted with metal bead shot before painting, which ensures that the paint etches into the steel hereby reducing rusting and flaking of paint under extreme conditions. All fireplaces have been manufactured with a convection system built into the mechanics of the unit, thus giving more heat than a traditional fireplace.

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