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Jetmaster: Bringing Warmth Home

We have experienced snow in many parts of the country and winter is still in full swing. Don’t get left out in the cold. A cosy fireplace can help to keep the heat in and create an intimate and enjoyable space during the colder months. Jetmaster offers superior quality and craftsmanship when it comes to selecting a fireplace to meet your needs.

Jetmaster is about the home; it is about generations of South Africans all around the country sitting around the fire or braai and the memories that are shared. The value of a Jetmaster has transcended concepts and design and today it has generic value that encompasses all fireplaces.

It all started in Johannesburg in a Park Town North garage back in 1951 when Glynn Jones turned his concept and design into reality and the smokeless Fireplace a “Jetmaster” was manufactured. Since those early days thousands of fireplaces and braais have been manufactured for distribution around the world. In 2002 Jetmaster was purchased from a UK based company by a JSE listed company called Argent Industrial Limited, which consists of various steel suppliers and fabricators.

Jetmaster has more than 60 years experience with designing and manufacturing fireplaces and braai. They aim to provide the most enjoyable heating and cooking solutions to all customers.

All Jetmaster fireplaces are made with seam welds and are shot blasted with metal bead shot before painting, which ensures that the paint etches into the steel hereby reducing rusting and flaking of paint under extreme conditions. All fireplaces have been manufactured with a convection system built into the mechanics of the unit, thus giving more heat than a traditional fireplace.

Jetmaster’s convection heating system allows the room to be heated in two ways. Firstly, from radiated heat directly off the fireplace itself, and secondly, convected heat from the air that is heated as it travels through the convection chamber.

Choose from their Contractor and Professional Ranges as well as Slow Combustion Stoves and Gas Grates for the ultimate in indoor luxury heating.

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