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Fan assisted heating – Why it works so well

Many fireplace manufactures are designing units within their ranges to include fans systems; and they are fast becoming popular options when deciding on the perfect fireplace for your home.

Understanding the fan technology

Good quality double combustion fireplaces have a convection channel that draws air from the room, sends it behind the fire to warm the air and then channels this warm air back out into the room. This process is called convection. However, with fans it is possible to speed up this convection process. The fans actively suck more air into the convection channel and sends more hot air out into the room. The fan assisted convection process helps for the heat to be dispersed quicker and for the air in the room to heat up quicker. The fan system is a high-pressure ventilation system using centrifugal turbines and a speed regulator, The range of fan assisted fireplace available from Beauty Fires are easy to operate. Fireplaces are supplied with a control unit and a remote control.

Type of installations that would benefit from a fan assisted fireplace:

Built in Fireplace Retro-Fit Upgrade

If you are upgrading your built-in fireplace and need to retro fit a new unit into an exciting cavity, then a fan assisted fireplace is the solution. Heat generated by the fireplace needs to be expelled from the cavity into the room to maximise the distribution of warm air.

Larger rooms with double volume space

Areas with high ceilings or open apex rafters need extra heat into the room quicker to warm it to a comfortable temperature. A fan assisted wood burners is perfect for heating larger rooms quicker.

Tiled or cold rooms in your home

A room or office space that is either tiled, or does not enjoy sunlight will take longer to heat than a well-insulated area. A fan assisted fireplace is perfect in this instance. The fan doesn’t increase the thermal power of the fireplace, but increases the volume of distributed air, greatly reducing the heating time.

Fan-assisted fireplaces available from Beauty Fires

We have a range of freestanding and built in fireplaces in different styles to choose from

  • Lacunza Adour Built in or freestanding fireplaces
  • Lacunza Silver Range of built in or freestanding fireplaces
  • Lacunza Paris wall mounted fireplace
  • Lacunza Calais freestanding fireplace
  • Lacunza Loire built in fireplace
  • Lacunza Midi built in fireplace

Contact a Beauty Fires branch near you, let us assist in finding the perfect fireplace for your home, office, or commercial space. Our experienced sales professionals ensure that the unique requirements of your projects are meet!




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