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Bring charm to your home with The Lightbox

Be Inspired with The Lightbox and  Hyper Fires.

The Lightbox stunning Ballerina Crystal Chandelier brings back the charm of vintage creating a timeless design that evoke a sense of nostalgia and character.  Featuring an unique and classy design that embodies luxury and sophistication to create a captivating ambiance, making it a stunning addition to elegant spaces. Available in two sizes, this chandelier perfectly balances opulence with modern technology.




Also featuring our Rise and fall pendants that offer a stylish and functional lighting solution. With its black or gold finish and pulley system, it adds an industrial-chic touch to your space. These pendant lights blends form and function, creating a visually striking focal point in any room.


The Kawmet P7 Cast Iron Fireplace is a Freestanding Wood burning fireplace that offers 11.5kW of heat. It is perfect for heating medium/large size rooms. The p7 is Ideal for those looking for a more traditional fireplace. Closed Combustion fireplace The Kawmet P7 Cast Iron fireplace is a closed combustion fireplace which offers more than twice the heat output of an open fireplace.

Closed combustion Fireplaces are highly efficient and very economical.

Closed combustion Fireplaces use approximately a third of the wood when compared to an open fire and transfer more heat back into the room rather than losing the heat through the flue outlet. These Cast iron fireplaces are strong and durable. Cast iron retains heat and will continue to radiate heat even after the fire has gone out.

Kawmet in cooperation with the Rzeszów University of Technology, we have developed a new type of material with a modified chemical composition and microstructure: cast iron with vermicular graphite in a ferretic matrix. The breakthrough technology has not been used in the world so far and is protected by a patent.

As part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program, we have completed an advanced project to implement an innovative technology for the production of vermicular cast iron fireplace inserts with graphite with a ferretic matrix with a higher thermal power and longer life than traditional fireplaces.  As a result of the research carried out for several months, an innovative type of cast iron was developed, distinguished by definitely better functional properties, high durability and strength.


Contact: Hyper Fires.

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