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REHAU uPVC: Upgrade to smart


When taking into account all the installations of REHAU uPVC windows and doors, we find that there are the same reasons why property owners choose to upgrade to smart, modern windows:

–  They want to reduce the impact of noise pollution;
–  They need increased security;
–  They are attracted to the energy saving potential;
–  They don’t want to spend their weekends maintaining their windows and doors.

Out of all the items mentioned above, noise pollution seems to be the number 1 factor why so many South Africans are switching to REHAU uPVC windows and doors.

The closer to main roads and busy intersections home owners live, the more they are prepared to do whatever it takes to lower the noise levels in their homes.  Fitted with double glazing and sound reducing glass, REHAU’s windows are known to achieve a noise reduction level of up to 38 DBr.  Hotels, conference venues and even schools are refurbishing their buildings by removing the old traditional windows and replacing them with the modern alternative:  REHAU uPVC windows and doors.

Isn’t it time that you switched to smart?

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